Comics A.M. | ComiXology updates app with Wish List, more

Digital comics | ComiXology has released an update for its Comics iOS app with a few fixes and a new feature: a Wish List. The app also now supports Manga Fixed Format. [App Advice]

Digital comics | Rob Salkowitz takes a look at the issues surrounding digital comics platforms for libraries and discusses one possible solution, iVerse's Comics Plus Library Edition. [ICv2]

Digital comics | Tyler James offers some solid advice for creators planning to use comiXology Submit. [Comix Tribe]

Conventions | Steve Duin has a largely tepid assessment of last weekend's Wizard World Comic Con, declaring, "Thank God for Emerald City." [The Oregonian]

Awards | Tom Spurgeon notes the finalists for the Graphic Literature category of the Oregon Book Awards. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Writer Jimmy Palmiotti talks about bringing his creator-owned series Painkiller Jane comes to an end and his frustration with low sales of the miniseries, which is published by Icon, Marvel's creator-owned imprint. [13th Dimension]

Creators | Here's a story about someone leaving comics: The Chinese artist Ah Chung talks about his life as a political cartoonist (under his real name, Yim Yee-king) and how after many dark stretches he changed careers and turned to the fine arts. Chung experienced his greatest moments of doubt during the peak of his career as a cartoonist: "I thought: What if I was them? Would I also face such harsh criticism from others? I suddenly felt that I was just some silly man standing on the street yelling and telling everybody off. It was such a meaningless job. I didn't enjoy it any more." [South China Morning Post]

Creators | This interview with the prolific Indian comics creator Pran Kumar Sharma is a little sad, because he seems to think the comics medium is dying, although the news out of India is generally that the market is burgeoning. It may be that Sharma's comics are simply being eclipsed by other comics. [Hindustan Times]

Best of the year | Paul Gravett compiles an international list of the best comics of 2013. [Paul Gravett]

Retailing | Trade A Tape Comics Center has been serving comics fans in Lincoln, Nebraska, since 1975, and owner Larry Lorenz tells the story of how he bought the store at age 19 from the previous owner, Lee Aronsohn, who went on to Los Angeles and became the co-creator of Two and a Half Men. Lorenz turned his comics collection over to Aronsohn as part of the deal, and that clearly still rankles: “He was really desperate to get out, but I don’t really think that I needed to give him all of my ‘Spiderman’ and all of my ‘Avengers’ and all of my ‘X-Men’ comics.” [The Daily Nebraskan]

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