Comics A.M. | Comiket sets attendance record, Archie challenges Indian film

Conventions | Comiket 79, the winter installment of the self-published comic book fair held twice a year in Tokyo, set a turnstile attendance record last week with 520,000 people over three days. That's just 20,000 less than the summer record -- and the equivalent of about four Comic-Cons. [Anime News Network]

Legal | Archie Comics reportedly has threatened legal action against the in-production Indian film Boys Toh Boys Hain, which, according to this description, is "based on the lines of the celebrated [Archie] comic book but set in Delhi instead of Riverdale." However, the director now claims that, "We never made any statement which suggested that the film is inspired from Archie comics. One of my actors may have said in an interview that the film has a feel similar to Archie, but never that the film is based on it." The publisher was dealt a blow in an unrelated legal matter in September when India's Delhi High Court refused to hear a complaint challenging the use of the name "Archies" by a Mumbai company. The court said it had no jurisdiction in the matter because Archie Comics doesn't have an office in India. [Hindustan Times]

Publishing | Secret Acres will publish a collected edition of Mike Dawson's award-winning webcomic Troop 142 next fall. [press release, via The Beat]

Media | The Philadelphia Daily News has ended Jerome Maida's weekly "Comics Guy" column after nearly five years. [Philadelphia Daily News]

Retailing | Carolyn Kellogg spotlights Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles. [Jacket Copy]

Blogosphere | Tom Spurgeon continues his excellent holiday interview series with blogger David Brothers and Cartoon Art Museum curator Andrew Farago. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Dan Lybarger talks to the legendary Al Jaffee about the new biography Al Jaffee's Mad Life, the cartoonist's childhood, working with Stan Lee, Fold-Ins and more. [The Huffington Post]

Best of the year | Ain't It Cool News contributors look back at the year in Marvel and in DC Comics. [Ain't It Cool News]

Best of the year | David Harper considers the best, and the worst, of 2010. [Multiversity Comics]

Best of the year | Iann Robinson counts down the 20 biggest comic book moments of 2010. [Crave Online]

Best of the year | Brett Williams hands out awards for categories like "Best Unexpected Source of Enjoyment" and "Best Creator to Watch in 2011." [PING!]

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