Comics A.M. | Comics of 'nerdiest meth king ever' auctioned for $125K

Crime | The 18,753 comics in the collection of a Colorado drug kingpin -- dubbed the "nerdiest meth king ever" by the Denver Post -- sold for $125,050 at an online auction held by the U.S. Marshals Service. Prosecutors say Aaron Castro, who was sentenced in November to 45 years in prison on drug and extortion charges, planned to launder profits from a major methamphetamine distribution ring by opening a comic store. (According to forfeiture documents, he even stashed some of his meth in his comics collection). Castro reportedly became so obsessive about his collection that he “began to struggle with money because he would spend his drug money on comic books." Proceeds from the auction will go into either a special account to fund forfeiture actions, or to law-enforcement agencies that assisted in the Castro case. [Denver Post]

Retailing | Comic Book Addiction in Whitby, Ontario, is spotlighted ahead of its first women's night. [DurhamRegion.com]

Creators | Green Wake writer Kurtis J. Wiebe discusses the end of his Image Comics series: "When Riley [Rossmo] and I decided to bring the series to an end (a choice made on the financial aspect), we had a few options. One of them was to take a break and see what happened with the fan base, but we both knew the reality is that time wouldn't increase our sales. After a lengthy discussion, we decided to wrap things up as best we could so that the fans would have closure. It was what we'd promised in all the interviews from day 1, so we could hardly go back on that. I asked Jim for an additional 6 pages, which he graciously gave me, and wrote what I think is one of the best and most difficult scripts from my roster to date." [Multiversity Comics]

Creators | Brandon M. Easton's Shadowlaw may have vampires, but don't hold that against him. "I once joked that I put vampires into my story just so I could find ways of killing them," Easton told reporter Brian Truitt. "I wanted to get away from the romantic Southern gothic vision of vampires that Anne Rice had made popular over the last 30 years. The last thing I wanted for my creatures were for them to be wearing ascots and lace." Easton's warriors don't sparkle or agonize; they are too busy attacking the Catholic Church with mech warriors. [USA Today]

Creators | Aaron Nelson explains how he drew on his literary education to create his new graphic novel Marlow, which takes its inspiration from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness but applies it to zombies. [Sacramento News & Review]

Creators | Robot 6 contributor Graeme McMillan talks to Troy Brownfield about his newly launched webcomic Sparkshooter, which is set in the Indianapolis music scene in 2003. [Blog@Newsarama]

Creators | Mystery writer Jonathan Kellerman talks about his first graphic novel, an adaptation of his 1989 prose novel Silent Partner. [Suvudu]

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