Comics A.M. | Comic-Con hotel reservations open Thursday

Conventions | The hotel reservation system for Comic-Con International in San Diego will open Thursday at 9 a.m. PT, as the yearly mad dash for discounted hotel rates begins. CCI has posted a list of hotels, and if you're willing to stay in Mission Valley, you can book a room early. The process will be the same as last year -- select up to 20 hotels where you'd be willing to stay, and you'll get a confirmation email no later than April 1. You can leave your April Fool's jokes in the comments below. Also of note this year, shuttles to and from hotels will run 24 hours a day during the show, beginning at 5 a.m. Thursday. [CCI]

Editorial cartoons | Michael Cavna rounds up nine editorial cartoons commenting on the killing of Florida teenager Tryavon Martin. [The Washington Post]

Publishing | Ed Sizemore interviews Fanfare/Ponent Mon's Stephen Robson. [Comics Worth Reading]

Creators | Mike Russell discusses his "silent" webcomic Sabretooth Vampire, which will appear in Dark Horse Presents #12 and #14. [io9]

Creators | Tom Spurgeon talks to Tom Scioli about his work on Gødland and American Barbarian. [The Comics Reporter]

Design | Letterer Todd Klein discusses his work on the logo for Superman: Man of Steel in the early 1990s, including the special "smashed" version that was used during the "Death of Superman" crossover. [Todd's Blog]

Commentary | David Brothers shares his appreciation for how Frank Miller "draws a body in flight," showing examples from 300 and Holy Terror. "He has this way of suggesting bodies flashing past at high speeds and spinning through the air that’s… elegant, is the closest word I can think of for it. Especially mid- to late-era Miller. The big splash in Dark Knight Returns — you know the one, if not, guess and you’ll probably be right — is obviously cool, but it’s not as raw and frantic as his Sin City and 300 work. I actually have a selfish wish that he’d gotten to do a real Spider-Man job at some point over the years, just because he’s so good at this and he’s fond of lean, scrawny heroes. Would’ve been the best leap forward in Spider-stylings since Todd McFarlane." [4thletter!]

Internet | Make Your Own, Then, a Tumblr blog dedicated to matching writers with artists, is profiled. [The Quad]

Humor | Even the Batmobile needs a license plate. [NBC 9 News]

Humor | Click this link or we'll shoot ... something. [Bully Says: Comics Oughta Be Fun]

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