Comics A.M. | Comic-Con 'getting a handle on' badge process

Conventions | Comic-Con International spokesman David Glanzer addresses problems with the badge-buying process: "After the two aborted events last year, we learned that each person had a multitude of browsers open. That’s going to create a bottleneck no matter what you do. Were there issues? Are we trying to work on them? Yes, we are. I think people’s anger is understandable, when all they’re trying to do is pay someone for a badge to attend an event and they can’t do that. We do test after test, and lo and behold something will happen. But (selling out in) an hour 20 minutes shows us we’re getting a handle on it." [U-T San Diego]

Comic strips | Darren Bell talks about having Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager who was killed by a neighborhood watch member, appear  in his comic strip Candorville: " I decided to incorporate him into Candorville as soon as I saw one of my Facebook 'friends' post a photo of Trayvon [that turned out to not be this Trayvon], flipping off his webcam. Even if that had been the real Trayvon Martin, it wouldn’t have mattered. ... What this told me was people were starting to dehumanize Trayvon, so they could rationalize what happened and insulate their own belief about 'Stand Your Ground' laws, about race, about concealed carry laws, etc., from any fallout." [Comic Riffs]

Digital comics | Kenneth Butler takes a look at a couple of sequences from Marvel's Infinite Comics, and discusses how they differ from more traditional digital comics. [Laptop Magazine]

Publishing | Do hugely successful Kickstarter projects that raise tens of thousands more than the original goal squeeze out smaller, equally worthy projects? Is everyone competing for larger or smaller slices of a single, unchangeable pie? Apparently not, according to the Kickstarter blog — OK, not an unbiased source, but on the other hand, they have access to the numbers, and what the numbers seem to show is that those blockbuster projects bring new people to Kickstarter—and one they are in, they pledge for other projects as well. So the net effect of a highly successful drive is to increase the size of the funding pool. [Kickstarter]

Creators | Cartoonist and letterer Chris Eliopoulos is profiled by his local newspaper ahead of the release of Cow Boy, his collaboration with former Marvel editor Nate Cosby. [NorthJersey.com]

Creators | Mark Hughes was there when Ed Brubaker showed up at Meltdown Comics to talk about Avengers vx. X-Men. Brubaker talked about how he usually avoids big events and why he chose to be part of this one, as well as his past and future work on Captain America. [Forbes]

Creators | We don't link to the Catholic Herald too often, but just in time for Holy Week comes a story about Simone Lia's story of spirituality and spouse-hunting, Please God, Find Me a Husband! (Warning: The article contains a spoiler!) Lia, the creator of Fluffy, acknowledges that it's not a popular topic; in fact, she says, “I think by accident I’ve done something quite rebellious.” [The Catholic Herald]

Creators | Becky Jewell talks to Brazilian writer Estevão Ribeiro, who wrote the wordless comic anthology Little Heroes. [Becky Jewell]

Comics | If you're late to the Avengers vs. X-Men party, David Uzumeri has a short course to help bring you up to speed. [Comics Alliance]

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