Comics A.M. | Comic-Con countdown (unofficially) begins

Conventions | Comic-Con International in San Diego is about six weeks away, so it's time for Tom Spurgeon to post his massive list of tips for those planning to attend: "It helps to remember that the hassle of going to Comic-Con is mostly an accident of our recent cultural history -- All those spectacle movies! All those fantasy franchise books! Marvel's post-bankruptcy comeback! All those graphic novels! The toy explosion! The rise of manga and anime! -- rather than something the convention itself enjoys or endorses or requires or was ever shooting for. I honestly don't have any more fun going now than I did in '96 or '01, back when it was so much easier to attend the con that the worst-case scenario was registering on-site and staying in a $65 hotel ten blocks away. It wasn't that long ago!  But I also can't stress this enough. I still have fun." [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Art Spiegelman talks about retrospectives, including the show of his work that was part of last year's Angouleme comics festival: "One of the nicest things about having the show in the Pompidou was when you first came in you see this giant sheet of my Wacky Package and Garbage Pail stickers, then over the top of a wall, you could also see this large banner showing the endpaper drawing from 'Maus,' of these haunted mice looking out at you. So I'm walking into the show with my wife, Francoise (Mouly, the longtime art director at The New Yorker), and she says to me: 'If anyone else did this show, it would seem as if they were insane.'" [Chicago Tribune]

Creators | Longtime DC artist Nick Cardy, who got his start in the Eisner-Iger studio, reminisces about his experiences as a draftee in World War II; his wartime sketchbooks have been published by Titan Books as Nick Cardy: The Artist at War. [Sarasota Herald-Tribune]

Crime | A collection of 440 comics that may be worth as much as $3,000 was stolen from a Springfield, Illinois, home sometime after March 1. Also missing are 45 sports figures and 24 marbles. [The State Journal-Register]

Creators | The Women Write About Comics blog is celebrating the 75th anniversary of Lois Lane with a series of feature articles, including an interview with writer and artist Dan Jurgens. [Women Write About Comics]

Creators | Matt Kindt, creator of Super Spy, Mind MGMT, and Red-Handed, talks about how he gets his ideas and some of the peculiarities of his books. [Hero Complex]

Creators | Mark Waid discusses how he prepared to follow in the footsteps of Will Eisner and Dave Stevens as writer of The Rocketeer/The Spirit: Pulp Friction. [Previews World]

Creators | Chris Charlton talks about his self-published comics Binary Gray and Sleepless. [Sequential Tart]

Retailing | Natasha Heath, who opened Bad Wolf Gaming in November in Lufkin, Texas, is profiled by a local television station. [KTRE]

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