Comics A.M. | Comic-Con badges go on sale Saturday

Comic-Con | Badges for Comic-Con International go on sale online Saturday at 8 a.m. PT for those who met the Feb. 28 deadline to register for Member IDs. Emails were sent out Thursday directing those with Member IDs to the specific Event Planning International Corp web address. Organizers instituted the registration system this year in an attempt to make the notoriously problematic badge-purchasing process go more smoothly: Everyone -- attendee, volunteer, professional or press — who intends to purchase or apply for a convention badge must first have a Member ID. Comic-Con will be held July 12-15 at the San Diego Convention Center. [Comic-Con International]

Community | If you helped Mike Meyer, the mentally disabled man whose entire Superman collection was stolen last year, NPR would like to talk to you. After the theft, comics fans sent hundreds of Superman items to Meyer to replace the ones that were stolen. Eventually the original collection was retrieved, and Meyer shared most of the donated items with a local children's hospital. NPR interviewed Meyer for its State of the Re:Union show and would like to talk to donors large and small as well. Contact details are at the link. [ComicsAlliance]

Legal | Tom Spurgeon is impressed that U.S. marshals were able to sell meth dealer Aaron Castro's collection of 18,000 comics for a cool $125,000. "Have you tried to sell comics in a "take them all" fashion these days? They got a ton of bids, too. I'm not saying it's worth starting a prostitution ring to find someone willing to take on my complete run of Dagar The Invincible, but if I have to move again I'll definitely think about it." [The Comics Reporter]

Theme parks | Universal Orlando's Spider-Man attraction will reopen Thursday after being refurbished with high-definition animation, new music and a cameo by Stan Lee. [MyFOX Orlando]

History | A tangled tale of peanut butter and political persecution: Larry Cruz tells the story of Percy Crosby's Skippy (soon to be published in a lovely archive edition by the Library of American Comics) and the sordid tale of its connection with Skippy peanut butter. Warning: Reading this may cause you to switch to Jif. [The Webcomic Overlook]

Creators | Tom Gauld talks about his new graphic novel Goliath in a video filmed at the London comics store Gosh. [YouTube]

Creators | The long-running podcast The Webcomic Beacon interviews Neal Adams. [The Webcomic Beacon]

Publishing | Jeff Webber, IDW Publishing's director of digital development, takes the mic in the latest comiXologist podcast to talk about digital comics, Doctor Who and non-superhero comics. [comiXology]

Manga | Jason Thompson presents a primer on the manliest manga of them all, Takao Saito's Golgo 13, the long-running story of a stone-cold assassin. [Anime News Network]

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