Comics A.M. | Charting the Expansion of Titan Comics

Publishing | Here's your long read for the weekend: An interview with Titan Entertainment Group managing director Nick Landau and executive director Vivian Cheung. It seems as if Titan just popped up out of nowhere and started publishing "Doctor Who" comics, but actually the company goes way back to 1981, when it was launched to publish collected editions of "Judge Dredd" and "2000 AD" comics. [ICv2]

Political cartoons | Sudanese cartoonist Khalid Albaih spoke to Maine college students about the importance of freedom of speech — and he should know: His political cartoons have gotten him arrested twice, and some newspapers won't carry his work, although he says, "I thought that was the point." Albaih sees cartoons as a way to get people thinking about unpalatable truths. "I found that things people don’t want to talk about, if it’s in the form of a cartoon or there’s something funny, people want to hear it," he says. He is the 2016 Oak Fellow at the Oak Institute for the Study of International Human Rights at Colby College. [CentralMaine.com]


Political cartoons | Latino political cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz says Donald Trump has made his job easy: "Yeah, I had a very relaxed summer because all I had to do is write down what Donald Trump says and draw him saying it." [Topeka Capital-Journal]

Creators | Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham reveal the cover of their new graphic novel "Real Friends," which will be published in May 2017 by First Second. "Real Friends" is a school story about bullying and friends, based on Hale's own experiences. [Hero Complex]

Creators | Johnnie Christmas talks about his rather challenging job of drawing Margaret Atwood's graphic novel "Angel Catbird," including the lead character, who is part human, part cat and part bird. [CBC]


Creators | At the age of 60, Mogorosi Motshumi believes he is the first black South African to create a graphic autobiography. The three-volume "360 Degrees" was nine years in the making. The first volume, "The Initiation," is already available, and the second volume, "Jozi Jungle," will come out in February. [Times Live]

Manga | He just wrapped the longest-running manga in history, "Kochikame," with its 200th volume, but Osamu Akimoto isn't taking a break. He is working on four different manga (possibly one-shots rather than series) that will run in four different magazines in the "Jump" family. [Anime News Network]


Retailing | Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics talks about what it's like to be a comic retailer at Comic-Con International in San Diego. [Sequart]

Retailing | Former DC Comics president and publisher Paul Levitz has some advice for comics shops on how to do a better job of selling graphic novels. [ICv2]

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