Comics A.M. | Charges sought in retailer's murder, more staff moves at DC

Crime | Police arrested and released two suspects in the murder of Kenneth McClure, the St. Louis retailer found shot to death on Tuesday. Prosecutors have asked for more evidence before deciding whether to file charges against the 25-year-old woman, who had reportedly worked at Legends Comics & Sports Cards and had been in a relationship with McClure, and a 32-year-old man, who is related to the mother of the 13-year-old girl who accused McClure of rape. [St. Louis Today]

Publishing | DC Comics announced three promotions in its manufacturing and operations departments: Alison Gill to senior vice president-manufacturing & operations; Nick Napolitano to vice president-manufacturing administration; and Jeff Boison to vice president-publishing operations. DC Publicity Manager Alex Segura also announced this morning that today is his last day at the company. [The Source, The Source]

Conventions | Bruce Bennett previews the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival -- it'll be held Saturday at Brooklyn's Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church -- by interviewing retailer/organizer Gabriel Fowler and cartoonists/guests Lynda Barry, Charles Burns and Adrian Tomine. "When I first walked into the show last year, I had this weird wave of nostalgia, like these church-basement comic conventions my parents would take me to when I was a kid," Tomine says. "I'd be going anyway, whether as a professional or as a fan." [The Wall Street Journal]

Creators | Nicole Rudnick talks to Lynda Barry about Picture This, teaching, her handwriting and much more. [The Paris Review]

Creators | Charles Burns discusses his new graphic novel X'ed Out: “I actually had about two or three false starts. I think what generally happens when you start on a new project is that you kind of fall back on what you know. And that’s what I was doing. [When] I was really starting the story out it felt a lot more like Black Hole in just the way it was structured or even looked. It was very different. And I could tell, as I was working on it, that I was not happy with the direction it was going. And what really did push me off the springboard was finding the Tintin story in there; having that other element to play off of; having these two very distinct storylines.” [Afterword]

Creators | Matt Price briefly profiles Mike Grell, who will appear this weekend at Wizard World Atlanta Comic Con. [The Oklahoman]

Creators | Lienil Francis Yu is interviewed ahead of his appearance at next weekend's Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention. [The Star]

Comics | "There are more stories to be told, so stop telling these tired old tales." [4thletter!]

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