Comics A.M. | CCS's Schulz Library damaged in flood; when Marvel almost licensed Superman

Education | The Center For Cartoon Studies' Schulz Library in White River Junction, Vermont, was damaged over the weekend in flooding caused by torrential rains from Hurricane Irene. According to CCS Director James Sturm, volunteers called in Sunday night were able to remove about 70 percent of the library's collection and move the remaining materials to higher shelves. However, he indicated to Tom Spurgeon that the building itself may be a loss. [The Comics Reporter]

Publishing | Jim Shooter, former editor-in-chief for Marvel Comics, shares the story of how DC Comics almost licensed the publishing rights to their characters to Marvel in the mid-1980s. Obviously the deal never happened, which Shooter said was due to a lawsuit by First Comics alleging anti-trust violations. [Jim Shooter]

Creators | Gail Simone discusses her upcoming work on Batgirl and Fury of Firestorm. [TFAW]

Creators | Judd Winick discusses the two titles he's writing for DC's September relaunch, Batwing and Catwoman: "We’re kind of taking her back to the core of what Catwoman is. I think if you grabbed 100 people on the street and asked them about Catwoman, they would probably have the gist of who she is. It’s like, 'Yeah, she dresses up like a cat, she’s a cat burglar, she steals things, and she’s really crazy sexy.' And that’s all you need to know, that’s it, and that’s what we’re going with. Back to the core of who and what she is. She’s beautiful, she’s dangerous, she’s addicted to danger, she’s addicted to being a criminal. She’s not a villain per se, she’s a criminal; she steals things, more because she loves the thrill of it and is addicted to the danger than that she needs money. It’s not like she’s squirreling away money to somehow retire to an island. It’s more about 'I dig doing this,' and whatever money she gets, she blows through it quickly." [Complex]

Creators | Kurtis Wiebe and Riley Rossmo discuss their Image series Green Wake, "by far the most successful comic to be written and illustrated in Saskatoon." [StarPhoenix]

Creators | Darryl Ayo looks at the tendency of indie creators tend to go it alone, and he wonders what we might be missing because they don't collaborate much. He illuminates the discussion with lots of examples. [Comix Cube]

Comics | The killing of Bucky Barnes leads Colin Smith to ponder on gimmicks versus story in superhero comics. [Too Busy Thinking About My Comics]

Comics | Jocelyne Allen enjoys Dorothy Gambrell's Cat and Girl for its mix of wisdom and silliness: "The thing I love about Cat and Girl is the way it mixes ideas about class, gender, philosophy and all-around contemplative action with a cat that drinks paint and zombie Joseph Beuys." [Brain Vs. Book]

Comics | Gavin Lees reviews First Second's upcoming book Nursery Rhyme Comics. [Graphic Eye]

Organizations | Copyright and trademark lawyer Dale Cendali has joined the board of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund as secretary. [press release]

Conventions | Small Press Expo has started a graphic novel gifting program to encourage libraries to acquire more indy graphic novels, and the first recipient will be in their home state of Maryland: The Montgomery County Public Libraries. [The Washington Post]

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