Comics A.M. | Canadian city learns to love Marvel's 'origin bomb'

Comics | Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan, appears to be embracing its role in this week's Avengers#1 as a target of an alien "origin bomb" that struck the city, changing its biosphere and altering billions of years of evolution in mere minutes. Tom Brevoort, Marvel's senior vice present and executive editor, tells a local newspaper he's unsure why Regina and Perth, Australia, were selected, but local retailer Chad Boudreau seems glad it happened. "We had no advanced notice of it," he said. "It just happened that someone reading the comic saw it in there." He expects strong sales at Comic Readers, with those who don't typically follow comics buying the issue out of curiosity. [The Star Phoenix]

Best of the year | The users of GoodReads cast their votes for the best graphic novels of the year. This list is pretty eclectic, but like every best-of list this year, it does include Chris Ware's Building Stories. [GoodReads]

Digital comics | Now you can buy Classics Illustrated comics — the older ones from the 1950s and '60s — via a dedicated iPad app. [Publishers Weekly]

Creators | Jim Zubkavich talks about the changes that are coming in Uncanny Skullkickers #1, which reboots his original Skullkickers story with a major change in the cast: "The shared IQ of the group has now shot up by at least 120 points, but that doesn’t mean things will get any easier for the Skullkickers." [Previews World]

Creators | Anders Nilsen discusses his 2006 memoir Don't Go Where I Can't Follow, which deals with the illness and death of his fiance, and his feelings now that the book is being reprinted. [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

Creators | RC Harvey writes about John T. McCutcheon, the Dean of American Cartoonists, who drew the above-the-fold cartoon on the front page of the Chicago Tribune for 40 years. [The Comics Journal]

Comics | Teacher and writer Anastasia Betts discusses how she taught a potentially controversial comic, Barefoot Gen, and addressed possible problems before they occurred. [CBLDF]

Comics | ICv2 looks back at the 30th anniversary celebrations Marvel had for Spider-Man and found a lot more going on back then than there is now. [ICv2]

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