Comics A.M. | Calgary Expo ejects GamerGate-affiliated group

Conventions | Calgary Expo organizers asked an exhibitor to leave after learning the group had misrepresented itself and is affiliated with GamerGate. The group, Honey Badger Radio, raised money through crowdfunding to set up a booth at the convention, but registered under a different name (as explained on the crowdfunding site, they were in "stealth mode"). At the convention, the exhibitor displayed a poster with a GamerGate logo and monopolized the Q&A session at a panel on women in comics. In a statement released on Twitter, the event organizers said, "The Calgary Expo is a positive and safe event for everyone. We have reason to believe that the Exhibitor in question does not fall in line with this mandate ... so we have politely requested that they not participate in our show or future shows." [The Mary Sue]

Passings | British cartoonist Martin Honeysett, whose gag cartoons appeared in Punch, The New Statesman and Private Eye, has died at age 71. [The Independent]

Comics | Betty Cooper: Nice girl next door or psychopathic stalker? Bart Beaty gives his take on the darker side of Archie Comics in an excerpt from his book Twelve-Cent Archie. [The Walrus]

Political cartoons | This interview with Malaysian cartoonist Zunar, who's facing nine charges of sedition, brings up an interesting point: The Malaysian government feels so threatened by him because it depends heavily on support from less-educated rural voters, and Zunar's cartoons have wide appeal. "So that's why the government are very worried, because the people in the village, they still can read this book and they can understand," he said. [UCA News]

Political cartoons | Cartoonist Keith Knight says he asked that his cartoon criticizing vaccine manufacturers be taken down from The Daily Kos because the comments had gotten out of control and had included threats. “I may do a follow-up at some point, but for now I’ll stick to less inflammatory subjects like abortion, Israel/Palestine, and gun control,” he said. [Raw Story]

Creators | Jillian Tamaki talks about her solo comic SuperMutant Magic Academy. [The Comics Journal]

Creators | The student newspaper of Old Dominion University covers a panel on LGBTQ-themed comics and characters that featured historian Justin Hall and artist Phil Jimenez. [Mace & Crown]

Creators | The Indian cartoonist Pawan talks about his work, which is a mix of political and humor cartoons. [Patna Daily]

Libraries | At Good Comics for Kids, I convened a roundtable on why Raina Telgemeier's Drama was one of the most challenged books of 2014; the participants include several librarians who give their take on book challenges in general and Drama in particular. [Good Comics for Kids]

Festivals | Although many people in Jamie Hale's report insist that the Portland, Oregon, festival Linework NW is not a comic con, what they mean is that it's not a pop culture con, but an event where illustrators and comics artists can show their work and connect with their audience. The show expanded this year from one day to two, but organizers are wary of growing too fast. [Oregon Live]

Conventions | The Big Wow! Comicfest in San Jose, California, drew avid fans from around the area, including a 12-year-old who had been doing chores and saving his allowance all year. [San Jose Mercury News]

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