Comics A.M. | Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival closes

Conventions | The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival has come to an end, after establishing itself in just four short years as one of the most loved indie-comics events. A message posted on the event's blog under the headline "Thank You and Good Night" reads simply, "We have decided not to continue with BCGF. We had a great run and thank all of our colleagues for their support." [The Beat]

Creators | Garry Trudeau talks about Doonesbury, supporting wounded warriors, and his Alpha House show in a video interview with CNN's Jake Tapper. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Creators | Michael Aushenker profiles Rutu Modan, whose The Property, a tale of a Jewish woman returning to Poland to reclaim an apartment lost during the Holocaust, debuted at Toronto Comic Arts Festival: "When I go to vote, I have to decide who is bad and who is a good guy, but when I write I can support the Poles and the Jews. I’m much more interested in the gray areas. They’re more closer to reality." [The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles]

Creators | Writer Mike Johnson discusses Star Trek After Darkness, the comic-book sequel to the movie Star Trek Into Darkness, which will launch at the end of the month from IDW Publishing. [Underwire]

Creators | Steve Morris talks to Neill Cameron and Daniel Hartwell about their all-ages pirates-and-dinosaurs series The Pirates of Pangaea, which runs in the U.K. children's weekly The Phoenix. [The Beat]

Comics | The Museum of Art of Sao Paolo has commissioned several comics about the lives of the painters whose works are on display, in order to pique patrons' interest. [Co.Create]

Comics | The Morgue Lady resurrects a newspaper story from the 1950s about a teacher who noticed some unorthodox spelling popping up in her class ("izzatso?"). The culprit turned out to be comics, so she had her students bring their comics in to class and rate them in terms of grammar and spelling. The result: The students turned away from comics and toward "good books." [Arizona Daily Star]

Minicomics | Rob Clough reviews a handful of recent minicomics. [High-Low]

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