Comics A.M. | 'Brave and the Bold' #28 sells for record $120,000

Comics | A CGC-certified 9.2 copy of The Brave and the Bold #28, featuring the first appearance of the Justice League, was sold by Pedigree Comics for $120,000, a record price for the issue (cover-dated February-March 1960). "“The sale for $120,000 is a record price for any copy of Brave and the Bold #28, almost doubling the only recorded 9.4 sale (from April, 2004) of $60,375," said Pedigree Comics CEO Doug Schmell. "The other 9.2 copy (with off-white pages) fetched $35,850 in May, 2008. This book is beginning to rise dramatically in demand, popularity and value, evidenced by the recent sales of two 8.5 examples (in September, 2013 for $45,504 and for $40,500 in June, 2013)." [Scoop, via ICv2]

Passings | "He took me seriously": Shaenon Garrity writes the definitive obituary of webcomics pioneer Joey Manley, who died Nov. 7 at the age of 48. She talks to a number of the creators who worked with him over the years and puts his accomplishments into perspective. [The Comics Journal]

Creators | Tom Spurgeon talks with Gene Luen Yang about Boxers & Saints and some of the inspirations behind it. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Writer Sheila Keenan and artist Nathan Fox discuss their new graphic novel Dogs of War, a trilogy of fictional stories about dogs and humans in World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War. [Newsarama]

Creators | Michael Ide tells of traveling to Egypt and then to Greece looking for a quiet spot where he could finish his graphic novel — and winding up in the middle of revolution and violent protests, which forced him to take a new look at his almost-completed work. [The Daily Beast]

Creators | Chad Carpenter, creator of the Alaska-based comic strip Tundra, is working on a graphic novel set in Alaska, Moose, which he is co-writing with his brother. The book is due out in May, and Carpenter plans to make a movie as well, raising the funds on Kickstarter. [The Associated Press]

Creators | Jason Quinn, creator of the graphic biography of Steve Jobs, has written a graphic novel about Mahatma Gandhi, and he really got into the part: "While researching the life of the Mahatma, I became a vegetarian, wandered around in my dhothi and listened to only bhajans. I must have driven my family insane." [One India News]

Comics | U.K. creator Neill Cameron posts a list of his 6-year-old son's favorite comics, including Astrodog, Tintin and The Phoenix. Most of the comics are British, and it's an interesting look at what's available for children over there. [Neill Cameron]

Digital comics | Jason Thompson takes a comprehensive look at Crunchyroll's new digital manga service, comparing it with Viz Media's Shonen Jump and other digital manga platforms and reviewing all 12 of the series now available. [Anime News Network]

Advice | Writer Jim Zubkavich (Skullkickers, Samurai Jack) offers some strategies for dealing with a seldom-discussed professional hazard: jealousy. [Zub Tales]

Retailing | Michael Shuler, owner of Hall of Heroes in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, explains why his gaming business has done well in bad times: "It’s cheaper to buy a six pack and a pizza and play a game rather than going out and spending a bunch of money." He estimates his business is about 40 percent comics and 60 percent games and gaming supplies. [Central Michigan Life]

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