Comics A.M. | Bors on working for free; 'king of creator-owned comics'?

Creators | Editorial cartoonist Matt Bors talks about his life in a tough field, comics journalism and people who want him to work for free: "No one would hold a 'contest' for chefs to all prepare food and then only offer pay to the 'winner' whose meal they like best ... If you want to draw your friend's wedding invitation for free, I say go for it. If someone is making money from your work, they can afford to pay you." [Truthout]

Creators | Brian K. Vaughan is crowned "king of the creator-owned comics" by Alex Hern, who acknowledges that may be an "artificially constrained" compliment before laying out the writer's claim to the title. [New Statesman]

Creators | Tom Spurgeon posts an update on the health of underground cartoonist S. Clay Wilson, creator of the Checkered Demon, who suffered a traumatic brain injury five years ago. [The Comics Reporter]

Publishing | The manga publisher Seven Seas has announced four new Alice in the Country of ...  licenses as well as plans to publish a new Alice volume every month. The stories are romantic fantasies, based on a visual novel, that draw in elements of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland but twist them in different directions. [Anime News Network]

Creators | Writer Steven T. Seagle discusses the challenges of using Albert Einstein as a character in his graphic novel Genius. [Entertainment Weekly]

Comics | Vincent Iadevaia describes his new service Pullist, which will launch in September: For a flat monthly fee, users get a selection of print comics chosen by "curators," starting with Joe Keatinge and Benito Cereno. The twist is that subscribers won't know in advance what comics they're getting; they'll just have to trust the curators. [ComicsAlliance]

Comics | Jonathan H. Liu, writer of many thoughtful columns about comics, explains why he is not allowing his 9-year-old daughter to read comics (except on Thursdays) this summer. [GeekDad]

Comics | Oel Eng Goan ponders the lack of locally made comics in Indonesia, which is due partly to the flood of products from other countries (Japan, Korea, the United STates) and perhaps also to cultural changes. [Jakarta Globe]

Conventions | More than 17,000 fans, including numerous cosplayers, turned out for La Mole Comic Con in Mexico City last weekend. [Seattle PI]

Events | Carol and John's Comic Shop, in Superman's home city of Cleveland, celebrated the 75th anniversary of the character last Saturday with special events and commemorative coins. Proceeds from the event will go to the Courage Fund to benefit the three women who were held captive in a Cleveland home for 10 years. [Cleveland.com]

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