Comics A.M. | Borders nears Chapter 11; Diamond's secret shopper results

Retailing | The financially troubled Borders Group reportedly could file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as soon as today or Tuesday, setting the stage to close about 200 of its 674 Borders and Waldenbooks stores and eliminate thousands of jobs. [The Wall Street Journal]

Retailing | Diamond Comic Distributors revealed that 98 percent of the more than 500 direct market stores visited by secret shoppers during the first month of day-early delivery were found to be in compliance with the program's street-date requirements. According to Diamond, of the 10 stores discovered to be in violation of the agreement, one was reported by another retailer while the others were discovered by secret shoppers. [ICv2.com]

Legal | Marvel Entertainment is asking that a judge, rather than a jury, decide whether the heirs of Jack Kirby successfully terminated copyright grants to such characters as the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Thor. [The Trademark Blog, via THR, Esq.]

Awards | Although Jeff Lemire's Essex County was eliminated in the first day of debate for Canada Reads, it topped the Canada Reads 2011 People's Choice Poll with a staggering 53.15 percent of the votes. [Top Shelf Productions]

Retailing | Matt Price rounds up news from ComicsPRO's annual meeting in Dallas, where the trade group honored Stan Lee and Jack Kirby with the ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award and set Oct. 1 as the date for this year's 24 Hour Comics Day. Brian Hibbs offers some thoughts on comments about digital comics made by DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee. [Nerdage]

Creators | Grant Morrison talks about his Batman books, Joe the Barbarian, and his desire to tackle The Flash and Wonder Woman: "I think one of the things that was lost on the Wonder Woman strip early on was a kind of slightly strange sexuality that the creator, William Marston, brought to the book. So, I think over the years a lot of people have had trouble dealing with the character--you know, she’s an icon, she’s a representation of women, but at the same time there has been a sexuality there that most people don’t want to go near, which is quite understandable. But because the character was so rooted in it, I think she kind of lost a little bit of her 'sauce,' you know? [Laughs] There have been great versions -- I’m not saying there haven’t been good Wonder Womans over the years, but I think there’s always that little bit of something that Marston took with him, and it wasn’t the same with Superman and Batman. They didn’t rely on that aspect of the character to be successful in the early days. So, that’s my feeling on Wonder Woman: it’d be nice to restore a little bit of that without being purient or sensationalistic." [Omnivoracious]

Creators | Ben Morse interviews Robot 6 contributor Sean T. Collins about his webcomic (with collaborator Matt Wiegle) Destructor. [The Cool Kids Table]

Creators | Cartoonist Ben Hatke is profiled by his local newspaper about his First Second graphic novel Zita the Spacegirl. [Journal and Courier]

Comic strips | The newspaper editor who last week asked readers whether it's time to drop Peanuts received an emphatic "No." [Yuma Sun]

Editorial cartoons | Andrew Wheeler has launched Editorial Explanations, a blog devoted to humorously explaining editorial cartoons. [Editorial Explanations]

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