Comics A.M. | Books-A-Million sees growth in manga sales

Retailing | The Books-A-Million retail chain reported significant growth in the last quarter, due in part to strong sales of manga and strategy games. "Sales in the graphic novel category ... grew nicely on the strength of a significant resurgence in the interest in several manga series, particularly Attack on Titan," CEO Terry Finley said in an earnings call. The chain's sales increased 1.2 percent, and same-store sales were up 1.8 percent last quarter compared to the same quarter last year; by contrast, fiscal year 2013 sales were down by 9.4 percent from the previous year. [ICv2]

Creators | Jeff Lemire talks about his new graphic novel Teen Titans: Earth One, which reflects his love of Marv Wolfman and George Pérez's The New Teen Titans: "I wanted a fresh and clean take on a teen super-team without having to rely on other heroes or continuity. So I gravitated to these unique teen characters Marv and George had created, and re-envisioned them through my own sensibilities along with artist Terry Dodson, who really helped them come to life." [The Kindle Post]

Creators | George O'Connor discusses his graphic novel series based on Greek mythology, The Olympians. [The Kindle Post]

Creators | Chris Pearce gets plenty of material for his webcomic Teachable Moments from his day job as a high school teacher. [NPR]

Creators | Veteran U.K. artist Lew Stringer, on his way to Malta Comic Con, talks about the British comics scene and how it has changed since the 1980s, making the jump from fanzines to professional work, and working for American and British publishers. [Malta Today]

Creators | Graeme McMillan and Lesley Goldberg pick the top five most powerful comics writers in Hollywood. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Publishing | In an interview conducted in comics format, Samuel Ferri talks to MAD Magazine editor John Ficarra about satire in the age of clicks and likes. [The Observer]

Gift guide | Peter Sciretta compiles a graphic novel gift guide for film geeks, a selection that includes The Bunker, Saga and Guardians of the Galaxy. [Slashfilm]

Reviews | David Sims explains what's to like about Saga, as the hardcover collection of the first 18 issues debuts this week. [The Atlantic]

Documentaries | Savas Abadsidis interviews director Robert Chandler about his documentary Dirty Sexy Comics, a history of gay erotic comics. [The Huffington Post]

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