Comics A.M. | B&N complicates Borders talks, Stan Lee gets his star

Retailing | As the financially troubled Borders Group met Tuesday with publishers in hopes of converting delayed payments into interest-bearing debt, the bookseller's larger rival Barnes & Noble expressed concerns that could complicate negotiations. "We think the playing field should be even," B&N spokeswoman Mary Ellen Keating said in a statement. "We expect publishers to offer same terms to all other booksellers, including Barnes & Noble and independent booksellers.  We fully expect publisher’s will require Borders to pay their bills on the same basis upon which all other booksellers pay theirs.  Any changes in publishers terms should be made available to all." Meanwhile, Reuters considers what the closing of Borders' 600 stores would mean to the book industry. [The New York Times, Publishers Weekly]

Creators | Jevon Phillips and Geoff Boucher profile Stan Lee and cover the Tuesday ceremony unveiling his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “He is that American dream that we all look for,” Todd McFarlane said during the dedication. “He comes up with the ideas that we all look for to move us forward.” [Hero Complex]

Best of the year | Acme Novelty Library #20 tops PW Comics Week's fifth annual critics' poll. [Publishers Weekly]

Best of the year | Kai-Ming Cha selects the best manga of 2010. [Publishers Weekly]

Internet | Retailer, critic and convention organizer Christopher Butcher considers "the comics journalism conundrum" -- specifically, why so many comics sites devote so much attention to superhero comics. [Comics212]

Creators | Detroit's weekly Metro Times devotes its cover to the area's comic-book ties, from James O'Barr and Jim Starlin to Geoff Johns and Katie Cook. The Detroit-era Justice League even gets a shoutout. [Metro Times]

Creators | Newly minted Superman writer Chris Roberson is the subject of a lengthy profile in his local newspaper: "I believe in Superman the way some people believe in Jesus. I believe that he is real and that he matters. The fact that he's fictional doesn't really enter into it." [Austin American-Statesman]

Conventions | The first Indian Comic Con will be held Feb. 19-20 in New Delhi. [Hindustan Times]

Conventions | Organizers of the Middle East Film and Comic Con have released preliminary details of the April 29-30 event, billed as the first of its kind in the region. Held in Dubai, the convention will reportedly feature creators from Marvel, DC Comics, Top Cow Producions, Udon, Tokyopop and IDW Publishing. [press release]

Comics | Ben Morse writes about his fondness for teen superheroes: "For me, I think it’s that I’m an unabashed fan of the soap opera element of comic books just like I am of television or movies, so I’ll naturally gravitate to stuff starring teens or young adults where that is dialed up to 11 (I love Gossip Girl, but my parents have been on me for months and I still haven’t given The Good Wife a shot). If I’m going to get lost in a world of pathos, angst, romance and heroics, I want my escapism writ large and to the extreme, the way teenagers tend to view life (and the way me and most of my friends do too, since we’re largely in a collective state of arrested development). There’s something about every new crush being the love of your life, every test you face (written or super villainous) being the most devastating ever, and this group of friends being the one you’ll keep forever that appeals greatly to me." [The Cool Kids Table]

Blogosphere | The Comics Journal has launched The Panelists, a comics criticism blog featuring contributions by Derik Badman, Alex Boney, Isaac Cates, Craig Fischer, Jared Gardner and Charles Hatfield. [The Panelists]

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