Comics A.M. | 'Barefoot Gen' controversy triggers surge in sales

Manga | The recent move by a Japanese school board to restrict student access to Keiji Nakazawa's Barefoot Gen has resulted in a surge in sales of the book — so much so that the publishers had to increase their reprint numbers by a factor of three, bookstores are reporting shortages, and an e-book distributor expects it to make the Top 10 this month. As we noted Monday, the board has reversed its policy. [The Mainichi]

Digital comics | Marvel has updated its Marvel Unlimited app for iOS and Android, addressing the two chief user complaints by doubling the number of comics that can be downloaded and read offline from six to 12 and improving searchability by allowing users to search by publication date. [PC Magazine]

Digital comics | Sunstone, an erotic comic created by a husband-and-wife team and serialized on DeviantArt, has accumulated more than 20 million page views. [MediaBistro]

Creators | Riley Rossmo (Green Wake, Bedlam) discusses his upcoming Image Comics series Drumhellar, his background, and one thing he'd like to change about the comics industry: "I would hope more fans would try reading a diversity of books. Superhero books still make up a huge amount of the titles that are released every month. I enjoy superheroes, but I'd like to see the people reading Marvel and DC try one or two books from Image, Dark Horse or IDW every week. The medium is so diverse it seems a shame not to read different genres." [USA Today]

Comics | Noah Berlatsky comments on strong female characters in general and how Zita the Spacegirl bucks the prevailing trend. [The Hooded Utilitarian]

Graphic novels | Turkey's first collective graphic novel project, Dalgin Sular, brings together dozens of contributors to create a zombie story that is intended to help traumatized young people deal with the past. [Hurriyet Daily News]

Process | Tony Cliff walks us through the process of creating a page of Delilah Dirk, from rough notes to line art. [First Second]

Conventions | Wm. Shawn Wiegel looks forward to next weekend's Baltimore Comic Con. [The Kennett Paper]

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