Comics A.M. | 'Attack on Titan,' 'Walking Dead' dominate in October

Graphic novels | Between them, Attack on Titan and The Walking Dead claimed nine of the 20 spots on BookScan's October rundown of the top-selling graphic novels in bookstores. The first volume of Attack on Titan led another strong month for manga, which placed nine titles in the Top 20. New DC Comics books, rather than simply evergreen sellers, made an appearance, too, with the Batman: The Court of Owls mask and book set, the Joker: Death of the Family hardcover and the third Justice League hardcover landing in the Top 10. [ICv2]

Creators | Joe Sacco talks about his work, his collaboration with journalist Chris Hedges, and why he doesn't portray himself with eyeballs. [Straight.com]

Creators | Paul Gravett looks at the work of the Hong Kong alt-comics creator Chihoi, whose preferred medium is pencil. [Paul Gravett]

Creators | It seems somehow appropriate that Edgar Allen Poe appeared to artist Louis Pecsi in a dream and told him to illustrate his stories; Pecsi has published five of them as a graphic novel. [NJ.com]

Creators | Bill Schelly writes an obituary for Nick Cardy, who died last week. [The Comics Journal]

Digital comics | I talked to Viz Media's Gagan Singh about why the company added iBooks to its list of digital platforms. [Good E-Reader]

Comics | Drawn and Quarterly creative director Tom Devlin shows off some cool books and comics from his collection. [It's Nice That]

History | Phil Normand explains the Ben Day process, which was used for color printing in the early 20th century, using Hal Foster's work as a reference point. (Hat tip: Sean Kleefeld.) [The Back Flap]

Conventions | Chad Plummer visits the Vegas Valley Comic Book Fest. [Las Vegas City Life]

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