Comics A.M. | 'Attack on Titan: No Regrets' DVDs to be bundled with manga

Manga | Kodansha Comics will bundle DVDs of the first and second episodes of the anime Attack on Titan: No Regrets with the U.S. release of special editions of the 18th and 19th volumes of the Attack on Titan manga, respectively. The company also revealed a variant cover for the special edition of Vol. 18 drawn by Cameron Stewart (Batgirl, Catwoman). Attack on Titan: No Regrets is adapted from the spinoff manga of the same name, a prequel to the main series that tells the story of Captain Levi and Commander Erwin. In Japan, the two DVDs were bundled with volumes 15 and 16 of Attack on Titan. [Anime News Network]

Creators | Ten women and nonbinary creators and groups of creators, including Carol Tyler, Lauren Weinstein and the Ladydrawers Comics Collective, respond to the omission of women in the initial nominations for the Grand Prix d'Angouleme. [NatBrut]

Creators | Kate Evans talks about Red Rosa, her graphic biography of Rosa Luxembourg, and how she used the medium to not only tell the story of the famous revolutionary socialist but also to bring her economic theories and the political discourse of the times to life in visual form. But there was one aspect of the story that defied illustration: "When I tried to add illustrations to Luxemburg's Junius pamphlet, I found the excoriating, emotive writing was simply too powerful. Making a picture on the page actually detracted from the incredible power of the images that those words paint in your mind's eye. Rosa Luxemburg defeated me. She was too good to add drawings to!" [TruthOut]

Creators | In a radio interview, artist Ibramhim Moustafa talks about his work on the DC Comics series Doctor Fate — his first issue will be released on Wednesday — and his previous comic, High Crimes, a thriller set on Mount Everest that was first published digitally by Monkeybrain. [OPB]

Creators | Rich Buckler, creator of Deathlok and artist for The Fantastic Four, Thor and other comics, has been named the latest ambassador for the Inkwell Awards. [Down the Tubes]

Creators | New Zealand cartoonist Brent Harpur, who's legally blind, talks about his peripatetic career drawing cartoons with homeless children in Brazil and for customers in a local bank, as well as offering drawing workshops. [Stuff]

Awards | The nominees for the ninth Manga Taisho Award have been announced; it appears that none of the nominated series has been licensed for English translations, although several have been adapted into anime that's available in English. The awards are selected by employees of Japanese bookstores. [Anime News Network]

Festivals | Chauncey Alcorn reports on the Black Comic Book Festival, held over the weeked at the Schomburg Center in Harlem, which drew 5,000 visitors and about 75 creators. [New York Daily News]

Retailing | Retailer and Comic Book Resources columnist Brian Hibbs talks about what 2015 looked like for him and his shops, and how the comics retail landscape is changing, in a podcast interview. [Sktchd]

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