Comics A.M. | 'Attack on Titan' drives manga sales turnaround

Publishing | Early analysis of 2014 manga sales shows that the category has appeared to turn around, with sales increasing last year, driven by the Attack on Titan juggernaut. [ICv2]

Publishing | Black Mask Studios, which started as the publisher of Occupy Comics and now publishes a number of series in different styles and genres, launched a YouTube channel this week as an outlet for its animation and motion-comics projects. [The New York Times]

Digital comics | Many print editions of Marvel comics come with a code for a free digital download, and some people re-sell those codes on eBay. Reed Beebe started researching this obscure corner of the digital comics market a few months ago, and learned that eBay is deleting the listings, although how the company determine which ones to de-list is not clear. [Nothing But Comics]

Creators | "I remember sitting in the public library picking up some comic books when I was very young and one of them was a Bizarro story," writer Greg Pak recalls. "The cover was just terrifying." Now Pak is writing a Bizarro Superman story for Action Comics #40, with art by Aaron Kuder. [USA Today]

Creators | Derek Royal interviews Joe Ollmann, creator of Mid-Life, This Will All End in Tears, and the recently published Happy Stories About Well-Adjusted People. [Comics Alternative]

Creators | Comics writer Alexander Danner is one of the creative types singing the praises of Boston's creators' workspace The Writers' Room. [The Boston Globe]

Creators | Artist and animator Scott Shaw, co-creator of Captain Carrot, reminisces about the early days and bemoans the darker nature of today's comics — including DC's new version of his hero, which he describes as "Captain K'Rot ... a psychotic, booze-swilling rabbit." Shaw will be appearing this weekend at the Lexington (Kentucky) Comic and Toy Convention. [Lexington Herald-Leader]

Reviews | Business-of-comics maven Rob Salkowitz reviews Todd Allen's The Economics of Digital Comics. [ICv2]

Reviews | Michael Cavna reviews Exploring Calvin and Hobbes and shares some highlights from the book, which includes an in-depth interview with Bill Watterson. [Comic Riffs]

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