Comics A.M. | Archie tackles breast cancer in Cheryl Blossom story

Comics | As part of an Associated Press article about comics addressing real-world issues, it's revealed that the glamorous Cheryl Blossom, an Archie Comics character who has appeared throughout the years, often as a fourth player in the traditional Archie/Betty/Veronica love triangle, will battle breast cancer in a new storyline. According to Editor-in-Chief Victor Gorelick, Cheryl feels fortunate she can afford treatment, which "opens the door that there are a lot of people who cannot afford this kind of treatment and we have to see where that's kind of going to lead." [The Associated Press]

Conventions | Paul Gravett files his report on the Angoulême International Comics Festival. [Paul Gravett]

Retailing | Bazinga Comics has opened in San Antonio, Texas. [MySanAntonio.com]

Creators | Ann Nocenti discusses her upcoming run on Green Arrow, which also serves as her return to writing mainstream comics. [USA Today]

Creators | Writer Paul Cornell talks about his new comic Saucer Country, due out next week from Vertigo: "We're not a series about definitive aliens with ships and names and guns and plans. We're a series about encountering the numinous, about the grey areas of mythology. I always say we're a political thriller about the romance of the UFO." [Broken Frontier]

Creators | Jimmy Palmiotti chats about All-Star Western, the new Ray, his fondness for pulp fiction and more. [ScienceFiction.com]

Creators | Diane Noomin talks about her work on Wimmen's Comix in a podcast interview with Michael Kaminer. [The Jewish Daily Forward]

Comics | Attention, DC Comics editors: Lois Lane is not happy. First you got her "shacked up with some annoying man, who points a lot" just to make Clark Kent sad, then you killed her three times, along with most of the other women. "'Great Caesar’s Ghost!' as Perry would say (except he’s likely dead over there as well. Or maybe not, since he’s a man)." [GeekDad]

Comics | Syracuse University Athletics is raising money for the The Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation by selling a comic titled The Adventures of Orangeman and Orangewoman, which features moments in Syracuse basketball history. [MyABC50.com]

Advice | Cartoonist Mark Anderson presents a list of 16 websites, apps and other tools that are invaluable to webcomics creators, although most of them are generic enough (Google Analytics, WordPress) to be useful to anyone trying to set up a web presence. [Andertoons]

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