Comics A.M. | Archie launches web store; <i>Footnotes in Gaza</i> honored

Digital comics | Archie Comics becomes the latest comics publisher to get a web-based store, allowing readers to purchase digital comics on basically any device that runs HTML5. While Marvel and DC have web stores built on the comiXology platform, this is the first time their competitor iVerse has gone outside the iOS. [Comics Alliance]

Awards | Joe Sacco's Footnotes in Gaza is the winner of this year's Oregon Book Award in the Graphic Literature category. [OregonLive.com]

Digital comics | Scott Kurtz, who knows a thing or two about digital comics, ponders the implications of Mark Waid's aggressive move toward the digital realm: "This is something I’ve been warning my friends in webcomics about for a while now. That eventually, someone famous from the comic book industry would figure out that they should try what we’ve been doing for the last fifteen years or so, and would follow suit. All it would take is one or two high-profile creators succeeding at being 'webcomicers' and suddenly everyone would jump over. And the term 'webcomic' will finally die and just become 'comic.'" [PvP]

Creators | Charles Webb talks to writer Matt Wagner about his work on Dynamite Entertainment's new Zorro comics. [MTV Geek]

Comic strips | Larry Cruz peers back through the mists of time at the classic comic strip Flash Gordon: "If you’ve seen the Flash Gordon movie, then you’re pretty familiar with the origin story, which it follows pretty closely. Well, except for Flash being a football player. That was just stupid. I mean, granted, the Flash of the comics was also an athlete, but there is so much more sophistication when you’re a polo player and a Yale grad. Less so if you’re the QB for the friggin’ unsophisticated New York Jets. Comic strip Flash was more Buckaroo Banzai and less Mark Sanchez." [The Webcomic Overlook]

Creators | The local paper profiles artist Rudy Nebres, who grew up in the Philippines and has been drawing for American comics since he came to DC in 1972. Nebres has an anatomy tip for would-be superhero artists: "The key is the collarbone. If that’s off, the whole drawing will be wrong." [Edison/Metuchen Sentinel]

Comics | Chris Sims lists six other Alan Moore comics DC could give the "Before" treatment. [ComicsAlliance]

Comics | One of the joys of conventions is finding comics that are completely out of the mainstream, the sort of thing you can only get on Artists Alley. Matthew J. Brady posts his thoughts on a good handful that he picked up at C2E2. [Warren Peace Sings the Blues]

Conventions | Kill Shakespeare co-creator Anthony Del Col reports in on his experiences at the Middle East Film and Comic Con in Dubai, which he attended last weekend. [The Beat]

Conventions | Checking in from a slightly less exotic locale, Genevieve Halton pays a visit to Boston Comic Con, where featured guests included Simon Bisley, Ben Templesmith, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman. [The Beat]

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