Comics A.M. | Ape Entertainment scores digital hit with <i>Temple Run</i>

Digital comics | The top-selling digital comic may not be what you think: Rich Johnston reports that Ape Entertainment's game comic Temple Run is the top paid book app in the iTunes store (it was No. 2 this morning). He also reveals that Ape Entertainment has sold a million copies of its digital Pocket God comic. [Bleeding Cool]

Publishing | Jen Vaughn and friends pay a visit to the offices of MAD magazine. [Flog]

Conventions | Corinna Kirsh files a report, with plenty of pictures, on last weekend's Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. [L Magazine]

Comics | The editors of Shattered: The Asian-American Comics Anthology discuss why they chose the comics medium to push back on stereotypes of Asian-Americans. [Comic Riffs]

Crime | Seattle police are taking some heat for standing by while costumed anti-crime activist Phoenix Jones had a fistfight with someone he claims was punching a car window; apparently street fights are legal in the city as long as they are consensual. There's a video; be warned that it;s littered with f-bombs and doesn't have quite the same pacing as the Avengers movie. [My Northwest]

Creators | Jason Aaron will gets to write about not one but three Thors (or rather, the same Thor in three different eras) in Thor: God of Thunder, and he is clearly relishing the challenge: "When your main character has been around for thousands of years and still has several thousand more to go, it gives you quite the canvas on which to paint, and I plan on taking advantage of it all." [USA Today]

Creators | The first issue of Locke & Key: Omega is out today, and this seven-issue miniseries will close out the Locke & Key story. Writer Joe Hill talks a bit about his approach to ending his story and doesn't deny the rumors of a movie that could be in the works. [USA Today]

Creators | Karl Kerschl talks about his long-running, award-winning webcomic The Abominable Charles Christopher. [The Beat]

Comics | Librarian Scott Robins discusses how he and co-author Snow Wildsmith researched and wrote their comprehensive book A Parent's Guide to the Best Kids' Comics. [Graphic Novel Reporter]

Comics | Michael Uslan's sketch for the movie incarnation of The Joker, done in red pen and white-out over a newspaper photo of Jack Nicholson, is on the auction block, along with some other Uslan art. [San Jose Mercury News]

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