Comics A.M. | Al Plastino's Superman art arrives at JFK library

Comics | Once the paperwork is complete, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library will officially own the original artwork for the 1964 DC Comics story "Superman's Mission For President Kennedy," fulfilling one of artist Al Plastino's final wishes. Plastino, who passed away Nov. 25 at age 91, was surprised to discover at New York Comic Con a month earlier that the pages hadn’t been donated to the library five decades earlier, as he’d been led to believe, but were instead set to be sold at auction on the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. The auction was put on hold until questions of ownership could be resolved, and Plastino spent the final weeks of his life campaigning for the return of the artwork, even petitioning a judge to force the auction house to reveal the name of the seller. DC Entertainment intervened in December to acquire the pages and give them to the library. "We are thrilled to receive this historic artwork and look forward to sharing it with the public when the legal transfer is completed," library director Tom Putnam said in a statement. [Newsday]

Passings | Tire Business magazine cartoonist David W. Harbaugh has died at the age of 85. He may not be a household name to those of us who don't sell tires for a living, but Harbaugh may have been one of the last cartoonists to get that sort of long-running, specialized job trade magazines used to offer. Harbaugh, who started his Tire Business gig in 1986, also sold cartoons to some non-tire publications, including The Wall Street Journal and The Saturday Evening Post, but in an interview with Tire Business some years ago he confessed he preferred to draw for trade magazines because with consumer publications, he had to avoid so many potentially controversial topics. The tire biz, on the other hand, he found to be "ripe for humor," with plenty of comic opportunities in the relationship between dealer and customer. [Tire Business]

Legal | Ecuador's media oversight agency has fined the newspaper El Universo because of a cartoon by Xavier Bonilla that was critical of President Rafael Correa. Bonilla received a court summons last month. The Superintendency of Information and Communication (SUPERCOM) has ordered the paper to pay a fine of 2 percent of its income from the last three months and to publish a "corrected" version of the cartoon with a new caption. The cartoon depicted a police raid on the home of journalist Fernando Villavicencio; Bonilla's caption said police were hauling away denunciations of Correa's corruption, but the president claims Villavicencio had illegally obtained government e-mails. [Committee to Protect Journalists]

Creators | Indian cartoonist Aseem Trivedi, who was jailed in 2012 on charges of sedition, is contemplating a run for the Indian Parliament. One of the other challengers is a comedian, which should make for an interesting race. [The Times of India]

Creators | Mark Waid and Dean Haspiel talk about their revival of the classic Archie Comics superhero The Fox, which wraps up next month (with the fifth issue written by J.M. DeMatteis). [Comic Riffs]

Creators | David Brothers is taking over the Inkstuds podcast for February, and his first interview is with Jimmie Robinson (Bomb Queen, Five Weapons) about surviving in comics. [ComicsAlliance]

Creators | Writer Damian Wampler discusses his sci-fi graphic novel Sevara, drawn by Indonesian artist Andre Siregar, which he is funding via Kickstarter. [Washington City Paper]

Comics | Some artists in Hull, England, have created and crowdfunded a comics anthology spotlighting the city's alternative art scene; they have also produced zines and sponsored art/music events. Although they are working on a website, manager Alan Clough says the comic will be strictly a print affair: “It’s what I grew up with. I am sure people protested about cassettes when CDs came along. It is nice to have the feel of something that has been printed in your hand.” [Hull Daily Mail]

Collecting | Comics dealers and collectors about their big finds — and the ones that end up in trash bags at the curb. [Chattanooga Times Free Press]

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