Comics A.M. | Al Jaffee sets new Guinness World Record

Creators | Legendary MAD Magazine cartoonist Al Jaffee now holds the Guinness World Record for the longest career of a comics artist, at more than 73 years. Jaffee was presented with the certificate, and a proclamation from the New York City Mayor's Office declaring March 30 as "Al Jaffee Day" in a gathering on Wednesday to celebrate his 95th birthday. [DC Entertainment]

Politics | The controversial bio-comic about presidential candidate Manuel "Mar" Roxas II is not the only comic figuring in this year's elections in the Philippines: It turns out that Sen. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr., who's running for vice president, released his own comic on Facebook in October. Marcos is the son of former president Ferdinand Marcos, and the comic Asikasong Bongbong: Tuloy-tuloy! (Attentive Bongbong: Continuous), talks about growing up in the Philippines, his exile to Hawaii after his father lost power, his political career, and his stances on various issues. [Inquirer]

Creators | The University of North Carolina's student newspaper interviews syndicated political cartoonist Keith Knight, who lives in Chapel Hill. In the wake of North Carolina's new anti-gay law, Knight dubbed the basketball powerhouse one of the "Hateful Eight." In the interview, Knight talks about the topics he prefers, his work process, and what he hopes his cartoons will accomplish: "In the best-case scenario people will laugh, cause a lot of my stuff is about laughing. First they need to laugh, second they need to think." [Daily Tar Heel]

Creators | Alex Deuben posts the first part of his ambitious oral history of Wimmin's Comix. [The Comics Journal]

Creators | Daniel Clowes talks about his new graphic novel Patience, and starting work on his next project. [Los Angeles Times]

Creators | Austin English discusses fine art, comics, zines and his new work, Gulag Casual. [The Huffington Post]

Creators | Danica Davidson, author of Manga Art for Beginners, discusses how to create a better how-to-draw-manga book. [Otaku USA]

Creators | Gene Luen Yang responds to internet commenters who pointed out that the name of his new Chinese Superman, Kenji Kong, sounds Japanese. "Kenji can be a Chinese name too," Yang tweeted, adding the Chinese characters to prove it. [Quartz]

Kickstarter | Preston Burt takes a look at the Retrofit Comics Kickstarter, which will fund new comics by Leela Corman, James Kochalka, Eleanor Davis, and MariNaomi, among others; there's also a preview of Kochalka's Elf Cat in Love. [GeekDad]

Exhibits | Tabish Khan pays a visit to the "Shojo Manga: The World of Japanese Girls' Comics" show on display at the House of Illustration in London. The show includes work by Akiko Hatsu, Yukiko Kai and Keiko Takemiya. [Londonist]

Conventions | The focus is firmly on the creators at the Beverly Comic Con in Beverly, Massachusetts. The show is held in Porter Mill Studios and will include a number of comics artists, including Andrew MacLean (ApocalyptiGirl: An Aria for the End Times) and Robert Gill (X-O Manowar). [Newburyport Daily News]

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