Comics A.M. | Ailing artist Oliver Nome's call for help

Creators | Freelance artist Oliver Nome, who has worked for Wildstorm and Aspen but has no health insurance, is suffering from a brain tumor, and his dealer is selling off his art to help pay for the surgery. [Blog@Newsarama]

Publishing | John Jackson Miller looks at the shape of the comics market in 1995, before Diamond Comic Distributors had a virtual monopoly on distribution. [The Comichron]

Awards | The voting deadline for this year's Eisner Awards is Monday. [Comic-Con International]

Comics | Noah Berlatsky comes down firmly on the side of Alan Moore in the controversy over Before Watchmen: "Why is Moore complaining? It’s not about the money, as he’s said. (That’s probably a big part of the reason people call him a crank.) But Moore created a group of characters and the world they live in; those characters still mean something to him. Now a company he believes has screwed him over gets to colonize and even define that world... And DC has the marketing might to ensure that, in the end, its version will be the one that’s remembered. After the third or fourth Before Watchmen movie, which iteration of the characters will be most familiar to the public? Rorschach and Nite Owl and Dr. Manhattan have been raised from their resting place, and Moore—and the rest of us—now get to watch them stagger around, dripping bits of themselves across the decades, until everyone has utterly forgotten that they ever had souls." [Slate]

Comics | Robin McConnell offers similar sentiments, worded somewhat more strongly: "Any work that takes from Watchmen, desecrates it. Unfortunately Before Watchmen, will have an effect on Watchmen. This work will be connected, and it makes me sad." McConnell asks readers to ignore Before Watchmen, saying, "There is an endless supply of fantastic comics that you can read that won’t make you feel dirty," but ironically, posts such as this are keeping it in the public eye. [Inkstuds]

Creators | Adam Warren talks to Alex Zalben about the upcoming seventh volume of Empowered, and he reveals that a number of Empowered one-shots are in the works, written by him and illustrated by various guest artists. [MTV Geek]

Graphic novels | Geoff Boucher takes a look at the history of the iconic film behind Ben McCool and Mario Guevarra's new graphic novel Nevsky, along with a preview of the book. [Hero Complex]

Manga | Concluding (apparently) one of manga's weirder sagas, Japanese Shonen Jump published an image of Vol. 22 of Claymore, confirming, indirectly, that the manga is not coming to an end—as creator Norihiro Yagi implied in a recent chapter. [Anime News Network]

Analysis | David Brothers discusses how writer James Ellroy creates a sense of foreboding through his writing style alone, and finds it similar to the storytelling style in the new incarnation of Prophet, written by Brandon Graham. [4thletter!]

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