Comics A.M. | A changing landscape for women in comics?

Comics | A Los Angeles Times article about women in comics concludes that "women in comics" really isn't a topic for discussion any more; the number of women creators and editorial staff in the Marvel/DC world is slowly increasing, but outside the superhero realm the question is entirely irrelevant. It's a good read anyway, because of the many quotes from interesting indie creators. “Teenage boys aren’t the only people with money, and unfortunately I think the mainstream comics juggernaut has just been focusing on this little section of readership for a long time,” Sarah Oleksyk says. “There’s this gigantic range of stories being told in indie comics — biographies, nonfiction, every sort of thing. So if you don’t want to read something about crime-fighting superheroes, you have 10,000 other subjects to choose, and most of those are independently published.”[Hero Complex]

Publishing| Drawn and Quarterly will publish Art Spiegelman's CO-MIX: A Retrospective of Comics, Graphics, and Scraps in spring 2013. [ICv2]

Digital comics | Rob Salkowitz takes a look at the digital comics scene at Comic-Con International, including IDW Publishing's announcement that it had sold 50,000 downloads of Transformers: Autocracy, the digitization of Love and Rockets, and iVerse's new crowdfunding platform Comics Accelerator. [CNN]

Conventions | Gary Tyrrell spent part of his time in San Diego talking to the folks most Comic-Con attendees take for granted, from medics to restaurant servers. This post also includes a nice summary of the Kickstarter panel. [Fleen]

Conventions | Here's another behind-the-scenes look at Comic-Con: A peek at the show floor before the madness begins, with bonus shots of Mark Waid buying a Hulk cookie and some resourceful cosplayers squatting in a vacated booth. [JustJENN Rants & Raves]

Creators | Darwyn Cooke discusses his latest Parker graphic novel Parker: The Score, in a video interview. [Previews]

Creators | Daniel Clowes answers the Proust Questionnaire. [The Guardian]

Creators | Xeric Grant winner Laur Uy (Polterguys) explains why most "how to draw manga" books just don't cut it. [Laurbits]

Creators | Danny Allain is interviewed by his local newspaper about the debut this week of his zombie Western miniseries Dead Reckoning. [Sulphur Daily News]

Graphic novels | Two reporters are working on a graphic novel about Alvin Greene, the "unlikely and entirely bizarre" Democratic candidate for senator from South Carolina in 2010. Greene himself released a highly fictionalized comic about his life after losing the election. Columbia Free Times reporter Corey Hutchins explained why the format is well suited to his more factual take: "I grew up watching the X-Files and related to Mulder more than Scully. Life is more interesting when there's a conspiracy behind everything. The Alvin Greene story was set up just for that." [WTIX.com]

Publishing | Tom Spurgeon talks to Jessica Campbell, who is leaving her position at Drawn and Quarterly to go to art school, about her favorite comics, life in the D+Q office, and personal encounters with the creators, including escorting Lynda Barry on a mini-tour: "It was only my second time in NYC and I think I got to her hotel an hour before our meeting time and just kind of nervously circled the block until it was time to meet. When we finally met up, she said 'I can't believe I'm finally seeing you in person!' and got me to spin around so she could 'have a good look,' which kind of immediately put me at ease." [The Comics Reporter]

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