Comics A.M. | A case for Bill Finger receiving Batman screen credit

Creators | While acknowledging the agreement that names Bob Kane as the sole creator of Batman, The Washington Post's Michael Cavna and Bill: The Boy Wonder author Marc Tyler Nobleman make the case for giving writer Bill Finger a screen credit on The Dark Knight Rises. [Comic Riffs]

Conventions | Although Comic-Con International is usually thought of as a stage for movie studios, major comics publishers and video-game developers, Mark Eades looks at the event as a showcase for small businesses, from artists to toymakers. [The Orange County Register]

Conventions | Robot 6 contributor Brigid Alverson reports on the kids' comics scene at Comic-Con International, including news that Papercutz will produce a comic based on the viral web phenomenon "Annoying Orange." [Publishers Weekly]

Digital comics | Alexander Añé covers the "Digital Comics Price Fight" at Comic-Con International in which Mark Waid, Scott Kurtz, IDW Publishing's Jeff Webber and Top Shelf's Chris Ross duke it out over the right price for a digital comic as well as the place of digital within the comics realm. [The Beat]

Creators | Bryan Talbot has received an honorary doctorate of letters from he School of Arts and Social Sciences at Northumbria University. [Sunderland Echo]

Creators | Conor Kilpatrick interviews Gary Frank, the artist for Batman: Earth One and Shazam! [iFanboy]

Creators | Kurtis J. Wiebe discusses his Image series Grim Leaper, about a dead guy who leaps from body to body; Wiebe calls it the “final-destination rom-com you’ve been waiting for!” [Broken Frontier]

Creators | Cartoonist Justin Hall, creator of Glamazonia and author of No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics, is interviewed by Chicago's GoPride. [GoPride.com]

Comics | Noting the irony of Daniel Clowes' work being shown in a museum setting, Greg Beato visits the exhibition "Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes," which has a few weeks left at the Oakland Museum before moving to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C: "As deftly executed as the exhibition is, however, a central paradox informs it. It celebrates Clowes’ work by presenting it exactly as what it was not intended to be: Hand-made originals tastefully displayed in the rarified space of a museum." [Reason]

Comics | Kyrie O'Connor takes a look at Gary L. Watson's After Twilight, a self-published miniseries about Christian fundamentalism gone too far in a future dystopian Texas. Watson says "It's not anti-Christian. It's not anti-religion. It's a story about extremism," and in fact, a Christian comics website gave it the thumbs-up. [The Houston Chronicle]

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