Comics A.M. | 6,000 fans turned away from Denver Comic Con

Conventions | Attendance at Denver Comic Con topped 48,000, well over last year's total of 27,700. Crowds were so heavy on opening day that the fire marshal and convention staff turned away 6,000 people. Guests included Star Trek's William Shatner (who was filling in for a double-booked Stan Lee) and George Takei, who stayed late on Friday so every fan could get an autograph. [The Denver Post]

Creators | Gilbert Hernandez talks about Marble Season, which is quite a departure from his previous graphic novels: "I’d been doing too many zombies and too much horror and crime, and I wanted to back off and do something pleasant. But I thought, can I do a pleasant story? And the only pleasant story I have is good memories from childhood. I wanted to connect to readers in a more genial way." [The Telegraph]

Creators | Marta Franco interviews several Latino creators who were showing their work at this past weekend's Latino Comics Expo at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. [MissionLocal]

Creators | Hannah Means-Shannon talks to Alex Woolfson and Adam DeKraker about their webcomic The Young Protectors, a superhero story that features a young gay protagonist; the creators have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish it in print. [The Beat]

Creators | The Asahi Shimbun profiles Hiroaki Komura, who went from mechanic to manga-ka by quitting his job, focusing intensely on drawing, and posting his work on Facebook. [Asahi Shimbun]

Retailing | Chicago's Atlas Comics, owned by former Marvel inker John Strangeland, will close down on June 29 after 25 years in business. [Bleeding Cool]

Comics | Graphic design student Philipp Meyer has created a brief comic that can be read by the blind; it uses raised dots, similar to Braille, and very simple images to tell a story as a sequence of images. [CNET Australia]

Crime | Yet another event connected with the manga Kuroko's Basketball has been shut down by its organizers; although they did not explicitly state that they had received a threat, they did refer to the threatening letters (some of which contained liquids and powders) that have been received since last October by venues that were hosting Kuroko's Basketball doujinshi (fan comics) events. [Anime News Network]

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