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In a move that is likely to outrage comic book fans, Twentieth Century Fox

and Chris Carter are now claiming that Carter is the sole creator of Harsh

Realm, the TV show based on the comic book created by James Hudnall and

Andrew Paquette. Late last year Hudnall and Paquette filed a suit against

Fox, Carter and Harris Comics, the publisher or the original series, in a

effort to get on-screen credits and fair compensation for the TV show based

on their creation. A press release issued by Paquette now reveals that, in

spite of the strength of the comic creators' case, Fox and Carter are

employing their own legal strategies to deny the claim. The press release


Twentieth Century Fox and Chris Carter, creator of "The X-Files", have filed

a counterclaim on 1/7/00 in the Southern District court of New York against

comic book creators James D. Hudnall and Andrew Paquette. This counterclaim

was filed to enjoin Hudnall and Paquette from speaking publicly regarding

the relationship between their comicbook "Harsh Realm" and the television

series "Harsh Realm".

The dispute originally stems from the lack of a standard on-screen "based on

the comic book by" credit for Hudnall and Paquette on the Television Series,

which led them to file suit against Fox and Carter on October 8, 1999.

Subsequent attempts were made by Hudnall and Paquette to obtain such credit

which they believe is due to them as part of a settlement, but were

ultimately rejected by the Studio and Carter, who now claim that "The

Television Series [Harsh Realm] is original and created by Chris Carter. The

Television Series does not incorporate the characters, plots, images,

scenes, settings, or dialogue of the comic book and is not based on or

adapted from the Comic Books."

Oddly, this statement seems to contradict Fox's own statements made in

earlier press releases, such as "Chris Carter, the award-winning creator of

The X-Files and Millennium, steps into a new arena with another innovative,

ground-breaking television event - HARSH REALM. Based on the comic book

series, HARSH REALM explores a highly advanced virtual reality world - where

anything is possible." released just prior to the unveiling of the 1999 Fall


It also conflicts with Hudnall and Paquette's own views, backed up by expert

testimony review that found over two dozens points of similarities between

the comic book and the Television Series.

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