ComiCraft Holds Fifth Annual New Years Day Font Sale

Official Press Release

Comicraft has a tradition of rewarding customers of comicbookfonts.com witha one day opportunity to purchase fonts at oh-so low low LOW prices.Comicraft's sale price this year -- just $20.05 per font family -- is apenny more than it was last year and is NEVER-TO-BE-REPEATED, so besure to check in and place your order THIS SATURDAY between midnightDecember 31st and midnight January 1st (as per your time zone) to avoid nextyear's inevitable penny price hike!

Once again, Comicraft and ACTIVE IMAGES' comicbookfonts.com releasedmore fonts than there were months in 2004. New fonts to look for at bargainprices in this year's sale include FACE FRONT from issues of Marvel Comics'THE AVENGERS; RUMBLE, our ground-shaking sound effect font; PASCUAL FERRY,based on the lettering style of ADAM STRANGE artist, Pascual Ferry, natch';JEFF CAMPBELL SKETCHBOOK as featured in Jeff's DANGER GIRL SKETCHBOOK;BIFFBAMBOOM, our retro SFX typestyle from the pages of HULK: GREY andCATWOMAN: WHEN IN ROME; There's also DREAMLAND from Scott Sava's DREAMLANDCHRONICLES, Avalon's ARIA and Marvel's ALPHA FLIGHT; SENTINEL from the titlepages of many X-MEN books; TIM SALE BRUSH and TIM SALE lower case fromActive Images' own publication, TIM SALE: BLACK AND WHITE; BLAHBLAHBLAH fromissues of SUPERBOY, SPIDER-MAN and Marvel's FLASHBACK month; ATOMIC WEDGIE,our Silver Age Logo font, and let's not forget our recent Christmasofferings, CHEESE AND CRACKERS, created for Titan's WALLACE & GROMIT books,and the classy PASS THE PORT! Active Images now accepts PayPal andComicraft's Comic Book Lettering, The Comicraft Way is still available @Amazon.com or your local comic book store.

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