Comico 2.0? Company founders return on the web

Almost 30 years after it was born -- and about 20 years after declaring bankruptcy -- Comico is back, sort of. Comico co-founder Gerry Giovinco and his colleague Bill Cucinotta have launched CO2 Comics, a webcomics site that's hosting several of the comics that debuted in the Comico Primer anthology back in the early 1980s. The site currently features comics by Chris Kalnick, Joe Williams, Andrew C. Murphy, Reggie Byers, Bernie Mireault, Bill Anderson, Rich Rankin and Neil Vokes.

"We recognize that comics are a medium of freedom," Giovinco writes on the site. "Versatile use of words, pictures, space and time that flow freely from a creative hand onto a page that can wrap the world in seconds communicating the clearest vision of the artist to the largest possible audience. Independence is still our motto, as it was in the ’80’s, but today the internet presents itself as the ultimate tool of that liberation from traditional comics to the potential of the future. Tradition, however has its place, and comics in print will be as much a goal using new technology and distribution venues to put books in the hands of readers."

Founded in the early 1980s, Comico Comics introduced the world to a number of comic properties, including Matt Wagner's Mage and Grendel, Bill Willingham's Elementals and Chuck Dixon's Evangeline. They also published several licensed comics, including Steve Rude's Space Ghost comic, several Robotech comics, Jonny Quest, Star Blazers and Gumby. Before the end of the decade, however, the company went bankrupt, and in 1992 it was sold. The new owner published only a few titles in the mid-1990s before eventually fading away.

To keep up with updates, check out the site's blog.

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