ComicNe.ws Beta – The Comic News Tracker!

Let me quote Jonah Weiland a bit here:

The Comic News Tracker is similar to the popular site Digg.com, a community based Web site where you submit and vote on stories you find most interesting. CNT is similar to Digg, but strictly dedicated to the world of comic books, comic strips, manga, online comics and comic related TV & Film productions. So, you don't have to go slogging through loads of tech news to get to the stuff you want to read about.

CNT is launching into Beta today, which means we're not quite done with the Web site yet. We've had it in Alpha mode, open to invited users only, for the past month. Those users have helped us work out some of the bugs on the Web site. There's still stuff to be done as well as a few kinks to work out here and there, but we're at a point where we'd like more people to check it out and help us find that which needs to be fixed or added to. The "official" launch of the site will take place sometime in January.

Oh, how do I visit the Comic News Tracker you ask? It's easy! Simply click on the following URL:

http://www.comicne.ws/ <-- We really like that URL!

We greatly encourage any and all feedback you have, so once you've spent some time on the site, drop us an e-mail at webmaster@comicne.ws and tell us what you think.

Now, if you wanted to go there, register, and start posting links to, say, Comics Should Be Good pieces, I certainly wouldn't hold it against you...hehe.

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