ComicJobz.com Goes Live In Early January 2007

Official Press Release

Halifax, CANADA – Looking for available work in the comic book and graphic arts industry has become easier. Known comic letterer and web designer, Charles Pritchett, recently launched the new employment search web site www.comicjobz.com .

The site is designed to gather people looking to hire and find comic and graphic design jobs of all types to one central location and make the process as hassle-free as possible. Working in the comic and design industry, Charles has experienced the struggles associated with the searching for employment while still working to meet deadlines.

" Over the years of looking for freelance comic book and design work as a letterer, I felt something was missing. Jumping from website to another and message board to message board weeding through the many work for hire and self promotional posts I realized finding work was turning out to be a job in and of itself. The problem was the lack of centrality. Hopefully, ComicJobz.com helps remedy the constant running around for the community as a whole," explained Charles " I'd love for this project to take off, helping freelancers find work and make connections to others also trying to make a splash in the competitive comic book industry."

Charles further explained that the "classified job" based system is simple and intuitive for both employers and hopeful employees. The system allows the user to list the specific details of the job (the type of position open, to compensation if any) from easy to use entry forms. If that doesn't satisfy all the criteria for the position the poster can add information in an open type job summary field giving as much information to the potential applicants as needed.

The free site went live January 1, 2007 and has already had success in matching creative individuals up. Charles does not want other comic book hopefuls to despair though, the site isn't just for the artists. Positions can be posted in all relevant production positions. On its opening day a writing position was posted and it appears there are more to come.

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