ComicBookThinkTank.com Launches Original Digital Content

Official Press Release

Comic industry veterans Ron Perazza (DC Comics Online, Zuda Comics, Marvel Interactive) and Daniel Govar (Eclipse, Azure, False Positive) have teamed up to launch COMIC BOOK THINK TANK (ComicBookThinkTank.com) - a website dedicated to exploring digital comics created specifically for online and tablet reading while sharing the results and technology used in their creation. The team's first comic, RELAUNCH, is live now.

"Comics are fundamentally a reading experience," said Perazza. "What we're exploring with the site is really about respecting the way people read - using tablets and the internet - and how that affects visual storytelling."

"Comic book artists have cultivated a unique visual language over the course of decades," Govar added. "With RELAUNCH we're interested in applying those techniques with tablet reading in mind but without changing the essence of what makes a comic book."

In addition to RELAUNCH, the website features the YANAPAX VIEWER, a shareware digital comics viewer compatible with all current browsers - including Safari for iOS (iPad). The YANAPAX VIEWER was developed specifically with digital comics in mind and is available for download from the site.


As the former Vice President of DC Comics Online and Editorial Director of the pioneering webcomic imprint ZUDA Comics, Ron Perazza has spent years developing digital solutions for comics. He can be found online at RonPerazza.com and on Twitter.


Daniel Govar is an award-winning artist most well known for creating the animated web series ECLIPSE for SyFy, the webcomic AZURE and the Tolkien Site ThereandBackAgain.net. He can be found online at DanielGovar.com and on Twitter.

If you'd like more information about RELAUNCH, The Yanapax Comic Viewer or The Comic Book Think Tank please contact Ron Perazza (RJPerazza@gmail.com) or Daniel Govar (Daniel@danielgovar.com).

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