Comic Writer Bryan Edward Hill Tapped to Adapt <i>Just Cause</i>

If producers Adrian Askarieh and Eric Eisner have their way, Rico "Scorpion" Rodriguez will be a household name. Some of you may already be familiar with the grappling hook aficionado who stars in the Just Cause video games, but a big screen-adaptation will certainly catapult him higher in the public consciousness. Heat Vision reports that Scorpion's movie adventure, Just Cause: Scorpion Rising, has signed comic book writer Bryan Edward Hill (Netherworld, Broken Trinity Aftermath) to take a crack at the script.

The video game series from Square Enix, which debuted in 2006, lets you play as Rodriguez as you attempt to overthrow various dictators in lush locales. Michael Ross (Turistas) wrote the first draft of the script, but no director or studio has been attached.

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