Comic Theme Time - The Boldest Retcons Ever

I've done Theme Time for Snark Free Corner, but now it is graduating to its own bit! The concept is basically that there are certain topics that I've considered for Top Fives that when I go to narrow it down, it strikes me that there are just way too many good ones for me to truly narrow it down to five, so rather than miss out on highlighting these bits, I figure I will instead throw it open to you good folks to name as many examples that fit this theme as you can think of!

I'll start you off with five (so you know what I'm basically looking for), then you supply as many more as you can!

So here are five examples of particularly bold retcons, the kind that make you think, "Wow, did they really just try to explain away ____ with _____? Wow, that's brassy."

1. Geoff Johns explaining away Hal Jordan's grey hair as a side effect of the yellow fear monster.

2. Kurt Busiek explaining away an old Thor issue that contradicted his Avengers Forever retcon by noting that the Space Phantoms taught themselves to think lies, even to themselves (thus explaining why the Space Phantom's thought balloons in the older story contradicted Busiek's plot).

3. Gerry Jones explaining away Little Mermaid's death in an issue of Justice League Europe as "no, that was my twin."

4. Geoff Johns explaining away every Toyman (particularly the one who killed Adam Grant) other than the original as being robots built by Toyman.

5. Adam Beechen's entire explanation for Batgirl turning heel.

Now your turn!

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