Comic Theme Time - Retroactive Changes to Published Comics

Comic Theme Time is a twist on the idea of a “Top Five” list. Instead of me stating a topic and then listing my top five choices in that topic, I’m giving you the topic and letting you go wild with examples that you think fit the theme.

In this week's Movie Legends Revealed, I discuss how George Lucas went back and added "Episode IV A NEW HOPE" to re-releases of the original Star Wars film years after it was first released.

This is something that happens in comic books a lot, as well, where changes are made after the fact to published comics when they're reprinted. Like Batman not having purple gloves in most reprints of Detective Comics #27 (as shown in this old Comic Book Legends Revealed)...

Or Spider-Man not being referred to as Superman...

or Peter Palmer (see this Comic Book Legends Revealed for the scoop on those errors)...

What other good examples can you think of?

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