Comic Theme Time - Odd Abilities/Attributes of Superheroes

Again, the concept for this bit is that there are certain topics that I've considered for Top Fives that when I go to narrow it down, it strikes me that there are just way too many good ones for me to truly narrow it down to five, so rather than miss out on highlighting these bits, I figure I will instead throw it open to you good folks to name as many examples that fit this theme as you can think of!

Here, I'm asking for powers, abilities and attributes that writers have come up for their heroes that are a bit...odd. The sort of stuff that you don't know exactly why they felt it was a good/feasible idea to give the character that power/ability/attribute.

I'll start you off with a few (so you know what I'm basically looking for), then you supply as many more as you can!

1. Rachel Summers/Grey/What-have-you is the only version of her in the entire Multiverse. If you see a Rachel in, say, a What If? issue, that is not actually Rachel, but just someone with the same name that looks like her. Rachel Summers is a unique being in the Multiverse.

2. Mutants are immune to AIDS.

3. Storm's ability to use her weather powers to turn regular clothing into her X-Men costume.

Okay, now your turn!

And hopefully something non-X-Men related, because all of my examples are X-Men related!

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