Comic Theme Time - If Only The Internet Had Been Invented...

Again, the concept for this bit is that there are certain topics that I've considered for Top Fives that when I go to narrow it down, it strikes me that there are just way too many good ones for me to truly narrow it down to five, so rather than miss out on highlighting these bits, I figure I will instead throw it open to you good folks to name as many examples that fit this theme as you can think of!

I'll start you off with five (so you know what I'm basically looking for), then you supply as many more as you can!

So here are five examples of events that, had they happened during the days of the internet, would cause people to flip the heck out on-line, a la One More Day (I'm using 1990 as my cut-off point, only because it is not so much fun talking about 90s stuff for this game - 1994 was the first internet freak-out I ever saw - the H.E.A.T. stuff, although 1996 was probably the first REAL one, as H.E.A.T. was in the print media a lot, while the 1996 Heroes Reborn freak-out was mostly on the 'net).

1. The Avengers are now Captain America and three super-villains?!!? WHAT...THE...HELL?!!? These aren't the Avengers I know! These are not the "real" Avengers!!! I'll come back when they bring the REAL Avengers back!

2. I can't believe they killed off Jean Grey! You bastards!!

3. I can't believe they brought Jean Grey back!! You bastards!!

4. Whoa...whoa...whoa...Cap was FROZEN and Bucky's DEAD? Has NOone here read Capain America #76-78?!?! Stan Lee even edited those issues, so he has no excuse!!

5. What do you mean the Teen Titans are dropping their superhero names and costumes and are going to deal with "real issues"?!?! Are you trying to drive me insane?!?!

Now your turn, folks!

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