Comic-store owner faces child-pornography charges

An Ontario comic-store owner charged in July with voyeurism now faces additional charges of possessing child pornography.

Domenic Giorgio, owner of A Dragon's Realm in Maple, Ontario, was arrested in July after he allegedly was caught using a video camera to spy on a woman in the store's restroom. Police seized DVDs and a computer, and in the subsequent investigation reportedly discovered files containing child pornography.

York Regional Constable Rebecca Boyd told The Caledon Enterprise that the new charges, filed just last week, are only for the possession of child pornography and are unrelated to accusations of videotaping the store's restroom.

Giorgio, 43, also is charged with two counts of assault in the original incident, which arose after a 21-year-old female customer asked to use the store's restroom. She was allegedly followed by Giorgio, who entered an adjacent room. The woman's boyfriend became suspicious, and reportedly discovered a camera on a tri-pod. The couple confronted the retailer, and a minor physical altercation followed.

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