Comic store burglar leaves selfie at the scene

The burglar who broke into All the Rage Comics and Games in Festus, Missouri, early Tuesday made off with two KISS action figures, some Pokemon trading cards, a laptop and the cash register, but he left behind something important: his cellphone.

"When police were investigating, the cellphone actually rang," store co-owner Jason Hughes told the local news. "It lit up because it was face-up. When it stopped [ringing] it went to the lock screen, which showed a man’s face on it. Not only do you leave your cellphone behind, but you have a picture of yourself flexing like, 'This is my background picture because I'm all that.' It’s like, 'You’re all that, headed to jail.'"

Police identified the owner of the cellphone and arrested him. They reportedly recovered some of the stolen merchandise, but noted that for all the effort, the thief only got $35 in cash.

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