Comic stars gather in New York City to benefit NYC Comic Book Museum

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Saturday, June 8th, The New York City Comic Book Museum will host "Beyondthe Panels II," the second annual fundraiser in celebration of the men andwomen of the comic book industry. The event will be held at the Dylan Hoteland NYLA Restaurant in Manhattan at 52 East 41st Street from 6-9 p.m. Thisis the first event to be held at the new restaurant owned by Britney Spearsand operated by New York restaurateur, Bobby Ochs. Guests will be granted anexclusive sneak peek at the restaurant before its official opening later inthe month.

This year's annual gathering will serve to introduce some exciting changesfor the NYCCBM. Most notably among these changes will be the announcementof an all-star honorary Board of Trustees -- an unveiling of ten legends ofthe comic book and entertainment industry. Also at the event will be thelaunch of the nationwide tour of the highly acclaimed Heroes Among Us: theArtwork of 9-11. In addition, fans will get to mix and mingle with thewriters and artists they admire, in a relaxed, party atmosphere.

"The Heroes Among Us exhibit really put us on the map this year," says DavidJay Gabriel, NYCCBM Executive Director and Founder. "It has definitely madepeople look anew at comic books and comic book art. And recently, with thetremendous success of Marvel's Spider-Man movie, comic books are once againbecoming a house-hold item.'"

The guest list is indeed star-studded and appeals to a wide variety oftastes. Come meet comic book legends Joe Quesada, Neal Adams, Jim Steranko,Gene Colan, Denny O'Neil, Jim Starlin, Chris Claremont, Joe Staton and manyothers, listed and updated daily at www.nyccbm.org. A host of talent rarelyseen gathered together in New York City all assembled for one momentousevening. With the mass appeal that comic books are experiencing lately,celebrities from TV, film, and the music arena are expected to attend aswell.

The New York City Comic Book Museum started its mission in 1999 to preservethe historical and artistic legacy of comic book culture, place it in thecontext of a changing society, show its usefulness in educating andentertaining, and instill in audiences the value and joy of this richAmerican heritage. It is the nation's only museum dedicated to the art ofthe comic book. The NYCCBM has concentrated on its outreach programs withtraveling exhibits, industry gatherings, panel discussions, virtual exhibitsand comic book promotions all around the city and the country. The museum issearching for its permanent home to serve as a research facility, library,and showcase for comic books and the creators of this American art form.

You don't want to miss out on this event!

Ticket price is $35 and space is limited. So purchase tickets early toinsure your spot at this event. Call 212-712-9454, email us atnyccbm_rsvp@hotmail.com or purchase tickets at Midtown Comics at 200 West40th street.

More information and photos are available at our website www.nyccbm.org.

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