COMIC REEL: "X-Men: Apocalypse's" Psylocke Will Rock Purple Hair; Renner Arrives On "Civil War" Set


Have no fear, Psylocke fans -- "X-Men: Apocalypse" hair designer Felix Lariviere has announced on Twitter that the X-Man will sport her signature purple locks in the film.

@XMenSaga Yes she is purple!!!!

- Felix Lariviere (@Felix_Lariviere) May 18, 2015

Opens May 27, 2016


A new TV spot for "Ant-Man" has started airing which is structured like a condensed version of the trailer currently playing in theaters.

Opens July 17


Just Jared has set photos from "Civil War" depicting Captain America trading blows with Crossbones.


Now that pretty much everyone has seen Netflix's "Daredevil," Marvel has revealed the concept art behind the hero's suit.

"Joe Quesada got in touch and asked if I could help out," says concept artist Ryan Meinerding. "Our whole team actually did designs, [including] Rodney Fuentebella, Andy Park, Jackson Sze, Josh Nizzi, and Anthony Francisco. I think we all did a round of designs as fast as we could, and they settled on one of mine. Beyond that, we did our normal process of modeling the head and the cowl [in] 3D with Josh Herman, and then I was involved throughout the costume creation process."


ComicBook.com has reported that a special sneak preview of "Fantastic Four" will be among the special features included on the upcoming "Rogue Cut" edition of "X-Men: Days of Future Past." In addition to the seventeen minutes of restored footage, the release will include:

- Audio Commentary by Bryan Singer and John Ottman for the Rogue Cut- Audio Commentary by Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg for the theatrical cut.- Mutant vs Machine- X-Men: Unguarded- Gallery- Second Screen App

"The Rogue Cut" hits stores on July 14.

Opens August 7


You can check out a recap of last night's season finale over on Spinoff. If you haven't seen the episode, then you should know that you are now venturing into spoiler territory, because executive producer Andrew Kreisberg is now talking openly about what the next season holds in store for several of the show's cast members.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kreisberg revealed that not only is this not the last we've seen of Tom Cavanagh, he'll remain a series regular in season two despite being erased from the timestream. "Tom Cavanagh will continue to be a regular on Flash is all I am prepared to say," said Kreisberg. The EP also mentioned that the show hopes to work with Matt Letscher again, the actor behind Eobard Thawne's true face.

Kreisberg did give a little bit of hope for fans of Rick Cosnett's Eddie Thawne in a post-show interview with The Hollywood Reporter

"The great thing with our show -- you saw it with Colin Donnell and with Caity Lotz -- is just because you are dead doesn't mean you're not coming back," said Kreisberg, referencing two of "Arrow's" most shocking deaths; Lotz's Sara Lance will return to life in the upcoming "Legends of Tomorrow" spinoff. "Especially in the world of 'The Flash,' which involves time travel and real hardcore science fiction, there's always a way for Eddie to return and we hope Rick will."

Kreisberg summed it all up with this one quote to EW: "On Flash, you've never seen the last of anybody, no matter what happens to them."

The episode also included Easter eggs teasing Caitlin Snow's transformation into Killer Frost, original Flash Jay Garrick and "Legends of Tomorrow's" Hawkgirl.


The CW has released a trailer for the next episode of "iZombie," titled "Astroburger."

Airs Tuesdays on the CW


Deadline has announced that Tom Brooke ("Sherlock," "Game of Thrones") has joined the cast of AMC's "Preacher" adaptation in the regular role of Fiore, which the announcement describes as "one of the two Adephi angels sent to Earth to retrieve Genesis."

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