COMIC REEL: "Watchmen's" Haley Rumored For "Suicide Squad"; D'Onofrio Answers "Daredevil" Questions


Umberto Gonzalez of Latino Review has heard another rumor regarding the upcoming "Suicide Squad" movie. Gonzalez posted the rumor to his Instagram feed, revealing that "Watchmen's" Jackie Earle Haley is possibly being considered for the role of the Thinker.

Another #HOT #SUICIDESQUAD #RUMOR For the character of THE THINKER I'm hearing Jackie Earle Haley's name being tossed around. Remember him as #RORSCHACH in #THEWATCHMEN? Take with grain of salt until otherwise confirmed but found it interesting nonetheless. #skwad #dccu #THETHINKER #DC #DCCOMICS #THEREALDCALLACCESS 👊👍💪🔥

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Opens on August 5, 2016


You can check out a recap of last night's episode, "The Offer," over on Spinoff. The CW also has a trailer for next week's big episode, "Suicidal Tendencies."

During "Arrow's" panel at PaleyFest, actress Katie Cassidy discussed her reaction to the news that her TV sister, Caity Lotz, will be coming back for an upcoming "Arrow" spinoff.

"I was so excited because I love Caity and I believe having her alive again would be fantastic," said Cassidy. "I cannot be happier for her. She's definitely been very much a part of the season for Laurel. I think even though physically she wasn't there, definitely emotionally she will always be there. Caity's great. She and I get along really great. She's like one of my sisters. I have sisters in real life as well, and she plays my sister on the show and we're really close. It's awesome."

Variety has interviewed showrunner Marc Guggenheim about the introduction of the Lazarus Pit in last night's episode. "I am really very proud of the speech Ra's gives about it, because we actually grounded it in reality and history, which is one of the things we like to do on the show, so even the magical can have a legitimate historical explanation and precedent for it," said Guggenheim. "So you'll want to pay close attention to what Ra's says about it. All the Lazarus Pit fans, episode 16 is their episode."

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


Marvel has released an official GIF from "Age of Ultron" via the film's Twitter account. You can see the Hulk smash some Ultron drones in a loop below.

Smashing through this week, Hulk-style. #Avengers #AgeOfUltron, in theaters May 1! pic.twitter.com/C4nYUKsa7y

- The Avengers (@Avengers) March 18, 2015

Opens May 1


The Wall Street Journal has interviewed Daniel Bruhl about his upcoming role as "Civil War's" villain.

"It's huge for me," said Bruhl. "From the world I am coming from and the movies I have done, this feels big -- megalomania and huge. I think I will be walking around for the first week being amazed, like a little boy, to be in that universe. It is going to be fantastic. It is something new. That is why it is a challenge. But it is something I am very much looking forward to because this is entertainment on the highest level."

Opens May 6, 2016


"@Huntress62 Were you familiar with The Kingpin? #AskFisk @Marvel @vincentdonofrio" I was familiar with him thru the #Spiderman comics.

- Daredevil (@Daredevil) March 18, 2015

Premieres on April 10 on Netflix


The cast and executive producers for "The Flash" held a press conference following Tuesday's revelatory episode that included -- SPOILERS -- comments on their Reverse-Flash misdirect.

"There are people who read the comics and know everything, and then there's the people who know nothing, and you have to make the show for both of those people," said EP Andrew Kreisberg. "If we name Eddie 'Eddie Thawne,' then immediately a whole bunch of comic book fans are going to go, 'Obviously, he's the Reverse-Flash.' Hopefully they were surprised when that turned out not to be the case. For the people who didn't know the comics, they were just going along for the ride anyway. We're not trying to purposefully trick the comic book fans, but the show has to live on its own, and it has to be for everybody."

Kreisberg also revealed that we will soon get inside the head of Tom Cavanagh's Harrison Wells. "In episode 17, we're going to get a flashback story from Tom's point of view, which we're really excited about," said Kreisberg. "Then in a future, upcoming episode, we're actually going to have everyone flash back to that time when Barry was in the coma. You'll see that time from Wells' point of view, Caitlin's point of view, Joe and Iris, and get to fill in a little bit more of the backstory. You guys have seen 'Arrow' -- we sort of leave it on the table every season. Towards the end of this season, a whole bunch of new questions will pop up, and that'll drive the series forward, but most of the questions that we proffered at the beginning of the season will be paid off."

The CW has also released a new poster image for next week's episode, titled "Rogue Time," featuring Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold and Dominic Purcell's Heat Wave.


The CW has released a synopsis for "iZombie's" fourth episode, titled "Live and Let Clive."

"Liv and Let Clive" - (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV)

THINGS ARE STARTING TO GET PERSONAL - When Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) identifies a John Doe in the morgue as one of his former criminal contacts from his days on the vice squad, Liv (Rose McIver) is surprised that Clive is so quick to refuse her help in solving the murder. Liv and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) investigate on their own which puts them in a precarious situation. Liv's problems continue to mount when Major (Robert Buckley) begins searching for a roommate and she believes he's considering a cute co-ed. David Anders also stars. John Kretchmer directed the episode written by Kit Boss (#104). Original airdate 4/7/2015.

Airs Tuesdays on the CW


Deadline has reported that Ruth Negga has been cast as Tulip, making her the first lead actor attached to AMC's upcoming adaptation of the Vertigo series. Tulip is described in the announcement as "a volatile, action-packed, sexified force of nature, a capable, unrepentant criminal with a love of fashion and ability to construct helicopter-downing bazookas out of coffee cans and corn shine who's not afraid to steal, kill or corn cob-stab her way out of a bad situation." Negga previously played Raina on the first two seasons of ABC's "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."


AMC has released a few promotional images for "Try," the next episode of "Walking Dead's" fifth season.

Airs Sundays on AMC

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