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A casting call for "Wolverine 3" asks for actors who can portray drug dealers, prostitutes, homeless and cartel gang members.

The following was posted on the casting page for the film, which is currently shooting in Louisiana:

**Thursday, 6/30** OVERNIGHT SHOOT**New Orleans**Rate: $101.50/12 This is one of the last scenes for this movie so don't miss your chance! **NEW FACES ONLY**DRUG DEALERS: Men over the age of 18, any ethnicity, who appear to be in their 20s-50sPROSTITUTES: Women over the age of 18, any ethnicity, who appear to be in their 20s-30sHOMELESS: Men & Women over the age of 18, any ethnicity, who appear to be in their 30s-60sCARTEL GANG MEMBERS: Hispanic-looking men over the age of 18 who appear to be in their 20s-40sALL GROUPS MUST ATTEND A WARDROBE FITTING THURSDAY JUNE 23RD.Please send an email with: your name, phone number, and current photo(s) to Juarez@CentralCasting.com and put "NIGHT LIFE" in the subject line.

Opens March 3, 2017




A breakdown of the characters in Syfy's upcoming "Krypton" pilot has been released, revealing several of Superman's ancestors who will be playing key roles on the prequel show.

The list includes (via TVLine):

SEG-EL -- Envisioned here as athletic, quietly confident and in his 20s, comic fans are familiar with an older (and a bit grumpier) Seg from his appearance in the classic Starman No. 51, written by James Robinson with story by Robinson and David S. Goyer, who is executive producer/writer of Krypton. But Seg's a good guy at any age; in the comics, he and son Jor-El (Kal-El/Superman's father) helped Starman get away while other Kryptonians wanted to detain - and dissect - the Earthling.

LYTA ZOD -- This twentysomething beauty will likely have some familial tie to Superman's future foe, General Zod, while she herself is a (reluctant) warrior.

VAL-EL -- Seg's genius grandpa defied death by going into the Phantom Zone, and is a staunch believer in space exploration. (We know that's a lesson he'll pass along to his great-grandson.)

ALURA ZOD -- Lyta's mom happens to bear the same name as Kara Zor-El's mother on Supergirl, while "Zod" always raises an eyebrow because of that whole "kneel before" thing.

DEV-EM -- If anyone is going to survive Krypton's inevitable fate, it'll be this chiseled, twentysomething bad boy. In the comics, Dev escapes the doomed planet, abuses Superboy on Earth and eventually becomes an ally of the Legion of Super-Heroes... in the 30th century.

TER-EL -- AKA Seg's father.

Pilot ordered at Syfy



Several costumes, prop weapons and helmets from the upcoming "Wonder Woman" film were showcased this past weekend at the 2016 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

Items on display included:

  • The Wonder Woman costume worn by Gal Gadot
  • The Steve Trevor costume worn by Chris Pine
  • The Queen Hippolyta costume worn by Connie Nielsen

  • Queen's Guard Helmet
  • Amazon Army Helmet
  • Amazon Army Quiver and Arrows
  • Amazon Army Shield
  • Queen's Guard Shield

Take a look at the items on display below:



Warner Bros. has released a new round of character one-sheets for the upcoming "Suicide Squad" movie that showcase members of the team with, what resembles, overlaid skateboard decals.

Check out the array of "Suicide Squad" portraits below:

Opens on August 5, 2016

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