COMIC REEL: The Ongoing Saga of "Ant Man"; Josh Brolin Cast as Thanos


In case you missed it, it's been a wild weekend for Pym particles. Since Edgar Wright announced he was leaving the project, speculation on his replacement has been hot and heavy. Going into Saturday, it seemed like "Anchorman" director Adam McKay was ironing out a deal to take the center seat, as mentioned in this MTV News article. Just as quick as his name became the odds-on favorite, McKay announced he'd dropped out, citing scheduling conflicts. The Hollywood Reporter picks up this part of the tale: Marvel is firm on getting the film out for its original release date, even as some corners of the Internet have begin to wonder if it's worthwhile to make an "Ant Man" movie at this point. Seems like the making of this movie may end up more thrilling than the finished product.

Release date: July 17, 2015


In happier Marvel news, the studio finally announced the final voice of the Mad Titan Thanos. As referenced by the Hollywood Reporter, Josh Brolin will lend his vocal talents to the film as Thanos will appear in the upcoming summer release, "Guardians of the Galaxy.". The THR article also mentions Brolin's other upcoming foray into comic book movies with "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" but neglects his work on "Jonah Hex."

Release date: August 1, 2014


If you happened to see "Maleficent" this past weekend, you no doubt saw the teaser trailer for Disney's first Marvel-based animated flick. A lo-res image purportedly of the title team made its way online to a "Big Hero 6" fan's Tumblr over the weekend.

This image is solidly in the realm of "could be real or it could be fan-made," but it sure does look interesting.

Release date: November 7, 2014


Along with speculation that Marvel may phase out "The Fantastic Four" comic book when the film goes into production, former Marvel artist Rob Liefeld offered his observations (as compiled by the good folks at Comic Book Movie) on the lack of X-Men toys as an indication that the so-called "Fox shutout" will have an effect on the Merry Mutants as well. According to Liefeld, "X-Men DOFP toys would get in the way of upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy onslaught of toys." He adds, "it's a ballsy move to downgrade properties with high profile, big budget support in favor of stuff you control wholesale." Of course, the artist cautions that he's just watching the pattern and has no inside information. At the same time, it is curious to wonder if these mammoth corporations will go to war over their intellectual property. The cross-town rivalry between Marvel and DC doesn't typically scale up to movie studios and their corporate owners -- though the third "Captain America" and "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" are both currently scheduled to open on May 6, 2016.

"X-Men: Apocalypse" release date: May 27, 2016


Continuing his discussion on Twitter, Liefeld claims the announcement of "X-Men: Apocalypse" has delayed any advancement on the film based on his mercenary team of mutants. As he explains, "Everything changed when X-Men Apocalypse was announced..." The chatty Cable co-creator also says he finds it "hard to believe" that the time-lost Askani'son won't appear in the "Days of Future Past" sequel.

Release date: TBA


Hey Reelers, it's Erik Amaya back for a week-long stint on the Reel. Hopefully, we'll have some real answers on the "Ant Man" situation by week's end. In the meantime, I am really curious if Marvel will phase out characters currently not in their control as film/TV properties. That would be an amazing move -- to say nothing of escalation and the possible elimination of the X-Men. Such things aren't so unusual. DC phased out Superboy when it seemed the Siegel and Shuster heirs were going to get control of that trademark. Still, it would be astonishing. And yes, I'm trying to use all the adjectives from Marvel titles I can. But, I think I'll save "spectacular" for tomorrow.

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