COMIC REEL: The Doctors Gather For "Doctor Who"; Canary Features In "Arrow" Clip


A new clip from "Thor: The Dark World" has surfaced online in a first look at an epic battle between Asgardians and the dark elves with Sif (Jaimie Alexander) leading the charge as Volstaag (Ray Stevenson) gets up close and personal with the enemy. Just when things look most dire, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) shows up to throw the hammer around.

Opens November 8


It's the first glimpse of the Black Canary in motion as the CW has released new promos for the next episode of "Arrow," "Broken Dolls." The promos below are different, but have similar footage.

Michael Jai White discussed his experience playing Bronze Tiger during an interview with CBR, and highlighted the motivations behind his rivalry with Oliver Queen.

"The one thing to consider is that he's been told by China White, 'Here's a worthy adversary [in the Arrow.]' And so he's pretty much self-serving in that he's competing with somebody of his own ilk," White told CBR. "Therefore, there's a warrior code that he operates from. That code says that you both recognize the challenge, and steel sharpens steel. That's where his character is coming from. He may be seen as a lot more aggressive in his turn, but as the story goes on, there's room for him to look at things in other ways. He may not be presented so much as a villain."

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


Ever wanted to see three incarnations of The Doctor in a single photo? The BBC has it covered with a photo of Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt for the "Day of the Doctor" anniversary special of "Doctor Who." Check it out below.

Airs November 23 on BBC America

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